Why Do I Have A Weird Pinky Toenail? Some Treatment Methods


The tiny toe is the cutest part of your foot, but the least looked after. When I talk about the pinky toenail, only one phrase comes to mind. Don’t let appearances fool you. It may look small, but it does the job of protecting all your toes from table legs and tight shoes.

So it can be really frustrating when you have a weird pinky toenail. If you’re reading this article, then you know what I’m talking about.


A deformed pinky toenail or any other toenail can be quite an embarrassment, don’t you think? But that doesn’t mean you need to worry about it. Not when you know that every ugly toenail can be quickly treated and can go back to its normal, healthy appearance. It’s very rare for a deformed pinky toenail to get permanently damaged and grow in that fashion forever.

​Why Are Pinky Toes So Messed Up?

Causes of a Deformed Pinky Toenail

When you have a deformed toenail, it might be the result of a fungal infection. This kind of an infection is very common and hard to treat. But it’s not something that can’t be cured. Fungal infection doesn’t just affect the toenails; it also grows and spreads in the skin and hair. When fungi are growing on your dead tissues, they give rise to a fungal infection in that area.


As far as the pinky toenail is concerned, it may have been caused due to an advanced fungal infection. A deformed toenail usually becomes crumbly, flaky, and thick. It starts to look brown, black, or yellow in color.

You should also know that it’s a tad difficult to treat toenails due to their tough and thick qualities. But they are not impossible to treat. There are many effective fungus treatment remedies that you can use to get rid of the infection.

​Toenail Fungus Treatment - A Fast Cure For Toenail Fungus You Must Try

But before I talk about the treatment methods, let me list another common cause of a deformed pinky toenail. Has your nail root ever been subjected to physical damage? If yes, then that’s the reason why you have a pinky toenail.

Our nails are formed with the help of specialized cells that are located in the roots of the nails. When your toenails suffer an injury, the roots may get damaged in the process. And this can also cause nail deformity.

Treatment Methods for the Weird Pinky Toenail

  • You should make it a habit not to keep shoes and socks on for too long after exercising.
  • When using a public pool, sauna, or shower room, always wear footwear like flip-flops.
  • To ensure that your toes and feet are in good shape and condition, make sure that you wear shoes that don’t restrict sufficient ventilation.
  • ​Buy socks made of organic, sweat-absorbent cotton fabric.
  • ​If you’re suffering from athlete’s foot, then get the condition treated immediately. Fungal infections and athlete’s foot are somehow linked to one another.
  • ​Improve your body’s blood circulation by exercising regularly.
  • ​Keep the health of your toes and feet in check.
  • ​Soak your feet in a solution of water, apple cider vinegar, and Himalayan salt for at least 15 minutes regularly.
  • Create a solution of hydrogen peroxide, distilled water, apple cider vinegar, and DMSO. Apply this mixture to the infected pinky toenail once in the morning and once at night. It might burn for a while. But this natural remedy is one of the fastest treatment methods for nail fungus.

Please Note:

If you have diabetes or any ailment that impedes your blood circulation, then please treat your toenails immediately. Failing to do so might cause the infection to spread to the bone. And this can result in a severe medical condition.

That’s About It!

This is all you need to know about your weird pinky toenail. Our toes seem so far away from our body that we don’t give them enough importance. But that’s not right. You should know that feet are capable of showing the first symptoms of problems related to blood circulation.

So if your pinky toenail grows upwards or you have a deformed pinky toenail, pinky toenail split, thick pinky toenail, or a pinky toenail fungus, then it’s time to treat the condition. The best thing that you can do in such a scenario is visiting a podiatrist.

He or she will quickly examine the infected region and provide some effective treatment remedies to treat the condition.

Have you noticed any such changes in your pinky toenail? Did you ever think of seeking medical assistance for it?

Please share your experiences with us here and help us make the world a better and healthier place.

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