What Does It Mean When Your Big Toe Itches?

Do you have a problem with an itchy big toe? Are you worried about what might be causing it? There are many different possible reasons for an itchy big toe, and most of them depend on your specific symptoms.

I know how uncomfortable an itchy big toe can be, but there is no need to worry! Most of the time, the cause behind your itching-toe is harmless, and it is usually treatable.

So what does it mean when your big toe itches? Read on to find all the information I have put together to help you feel better about your big toe concerns.

Where does Your Toe Itch?

Before you figure out what is making your big toe itch, ask yourself where the itching is located. Is the itching focused on the crease where your toe bends? Does it itch on the side or the soft padding underneath your toe?

Different problems can show up in different places around your toe. Take a look at your toe and see if you notice any problems with your toenail while you look for the source of your itching. Keep your eyes open for any bumps or other marks.

The Most Common Causes: Fungus

One of the most common causes of an itchy big toe is a fungus. Whether the fungus comes from your toenail or from the skin itself, this is the first problem you should rule out when looking for the cause of your itch.

An overgrowth of yeast in your body is one well-known cause of toenail fungus, but athlete’s foot is probably the most widespread.

If you have a fungus, your toenail will probably look yellow and sickly, and your skin is likely to be moist and may have a yellowish hue as well. You can treat athlete’s foot with Tinactin, a well-known foot cream that helps cut back on inflammation and itchiness while fighting the fungus at the source of the itch.

Athlete’s foot and another fungus will go away within about a week with proper treatment. Wear clean, white socks and change them often throughout the day when fighting foot fungus.

Here's Home Remedy for Toenail Fungus

Blisters - The Reason Behind Your Itch

Sometimes, the reason behind your itch may be as simple as a blister. If you wear tight socks or shoes, or even if you cut or injure your toe, you can develop a watery blister that causes an itch.

Usually, blisters begin itching when they are already healing, but sometimes an itching blister can be a sign of infection.

You might not notice a blister until after it pops, but do not pop it on purpose. It is best to let it heal on its own time rather than trying to force it along.

Popping a blister might cause an infection that you could otherwise avoid. Blisters will go way in a few days, and the itching should stop by then as well.

Dry Skin: The Leading Causes

Dry skin is one of the leading causes of itching just about anywhere on your body, and your big toe is no exception.

Check the sides and bottom of your toe for signs of dry skin. Most commonly, a dry big toe will look chalky and white, and you might notice pieces of skin flaking off, especially on the sides.

The best way to treat a dry big toe is to rub it with unscented lotion every day to add some moisture back into the skin. Remember to scrub your feet well when you take a shower to get rid of the dry flaky skin. Using a pumice stone to clean your feet can help prevent dry skin in the future.

Gout Causes Your Big Toe Joints Hurt and Itch

Gout causes painful joints that are very hard to treat. Many times, patients with gout suffer from a lot of pain in the joints of their toes, and especially in the big toe. Gout is a chronic problem, which means that it comes and goes, and can be difficult to get rid of entirely.

When gout strikes, it can make your big toe joints hurt and itch, and the skin around the joint is likely to peel.

You can improve the health of your joints by cutting back on alcohol, caffeine, and red meat, and by drinking plenty of water. If your toe itches and peels with gout, keep it clean and use unscented lotion to treat the afflicted skin.

what does it mean when your big toe itches

Allergic Reactions

Every now and then, your big toe might show an allergic reaction to a product you have been using on your feet. I struggled with this problem for years without realizing that I had a small allergy to the detergent I was using for washing my socks!

Rule out any allergic reactions by examining the way your big toe looks when it itches the most. Do you see small red bumps or a rash spreading across the skin? Are there white bumps under the skin, or a patchy white discoloration around the toe? If so, an allergic reaction is probably the cause.

Diabetes and Big Toe Itch: The Answer May Surprise you

If you are diabetic, problems with your blood sugar could easily cause your big toe to itch. People with advanced stages of diabetes may have trouble feeling the right sensations from their feet.

If you fit into this category, your brain might not be processing information from your feet, and an infection could easily occur without you realizing it.

Patients with diabetes or other blood sugar issues should get into the habit of looking at their feet regularly to check for problems.

If you are diabetic and your big toe itches, look for signs of infection in your skin or toenail. If you notice a sickly color on your big toe, talk to your doctor right away to see about treating your feet medically.


As you can see, there are many different causes behind an itchy big toe. From common problems like athlete’s foot to lesser-known problems like blood sugar issues, there are tons of underlying causes that could be contributing to your itchy toe.

Remember that there are a few steps you can take toward diagnosing your itchy big toe:

  • Take a look at your toe to see if it has any flaking skin, bumps, or yellow coloration.
  • Think about whether or not you have changed products like laundry detergent recently.
  • Try to remember any uncommon foods you might have eaten.
  • See if over-the-counter medication or lotion helps. Try Tinactin if you suspect athlete’s foot.
  • Always ask a doctor if the problem seems to worsen over time.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below.

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