How To Cure My Skin Peeling Between Toes? Skin Care Tips

The problem of skin peeling between toes is something that many of us have to go through, right? In some, this happens chronically. And the symptoms of dry dead skin between toes tend to worsen only during particular months of the year.

Now we all already know that such a condition occurs due to two main reasons. The first being seasonal fluctuations, which explains why the symptoms worsen only during fixed times of the year. And the second reason is dry skin.


But there are much more causes that can lead to skin peeling under toes or skin peeling around toes. And the more you know about them, the better you will be at curing the condition before it gets worse.

Causes and Treatment of Skin Peeling Between Toes

Before we get into the causes of dry dead skin between toes, let me share with you one crucial fact. If the skin peeling condition is mild, then there’s absolutely no need for you to worry. In fact, moderate skin peeling is a normal and natural process of your body shedding dead skin and growing new skin cells.

But if you’re experiencing severe skin peeling, then it is an indication that you may be suffering from a medical condition. And that’s only if the symptom of skin peeling is accompanied by other symptoms like itching, scaling, and irritation.

1. Seasonal Factors

The most common factor that causes skin peeling around toes is the scorching heat of the summer season. The winter season is followed by the summer months, right? So directly after the winter season, when your skin is naturally dry, your feet are exposed to the scorching heat of the summer. And this heat tends to deprive your skin of the much-needed moisture.

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So the dryness in the skin gives rise to the condition of skin peeling around toes. More often than not, this is also accompanied by itchiness and excessive skin dryness. (Know more about sun damage)

  • Treatment:

What’s the best way to ensure that your skin is protected from harsh sun exposure? It’s the use of sunscreen. Also, it is vital to keep your skin well hydrated throughout the year.

2. Dehydration Effect

Apart from environmental factors, other conditions that can cause your skin to become parched. If you have a habit of washing your hands and feet with water and soap a little too much, you might be robbing your skin of oil and moisture.

The oil and moisture present in your feet are responsible for preventing dryness and peeling of the skin.

Similarly, taking a hot water bath for too long can also give rise to such symptoms in your hands and feet.

  • Treatment:

If you know that you’re going to be in the pool or if you simply wish to take long hot water baths, then it’s best to apply lotion on your skin daily. And as far as washing the feet and hands with soap and water is concerned, you can replace that method with using moisturizing soaps or water-free sanitizers.

3. Allergic Responses

We all know that allergic substances are abundantly found in the environment (10 surprising allergens you must know). And even more so in public places like swimming pools.

Walking barefoot in such areas expose your feet to cleaning agents, detergents, and other allergic substances. And these have the tendency to cause dryness on the soles of your feet as well as between the toes.

  • Treatment:

If you’re sure that the skin peeling between toes is a cause of some allergic response, then it’s best to visit a doctor. He or she will discuss antihistamines that have the ability to help you get rid of your symptoms.

4. Athlete’s Foot



If the dry dead skin between toes is accompanied by excessive itchiness, then you might be suffering from athlete’s foot. The condition involves a fungus known as Trichophyton, which has the ability to attack the skin resting between the toes. And it’s in this spot that the fungus grows and causes excessive discomfort.

When suffering from athlete’s foot, the skin between your toes might become red and eventually crack. You should know that the most common cause of athlete’s foot is wearing the same footwear for a very long time. Such a habit creates the perfect environment for fungus to develop and multiply.

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  • Treatment:

There are many home remedies for treating athlete’s foot. Using tea tree oil, powder, cornstarch, scrubbing the toes and feet with anti-bacterial soap, and keeping your toes and the space between them clean and dry.

And if none of these treatment methods seem to make your toes feel and look better, then I would advise you to visit a doctor so he or she can prescribe some anti-fungal foot creams.

5. Toe Box Dermatitis

When your shoes have a toe box made of rubber, the risk of developing dermatitis may increase. A rubber toe box doesn’t allow all the sweat from your foot and the toes to depart.

And when something like this happens, the temperature and moisture level inside the shoes increase. As a result of which, the skin on your feet and your toes becomes red, inflamed, and may start to peel.

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  • Treatment:

When you’re suffering from the condition of toe box dermatitis, you have to keep wearing open-toed shoes every other day. Because wearing shoes with a rubber toe box daily might just aggravate the condition. Also remember that you can easily use drying agents like powders and sprays that help in eliminating moisture from your toes.

6. Trench Foot


The condition of skin peeling may be a symptom of the foot syndrome called trench foot. This condition is the result of your feet being habitually exposed to damp and unhygienic conditions.

  • Treatment:

The treatment of trench foot is something that we all should follow. Because it is very important to keep your feet and toes healthy at all times. This helps in preventing all kinds of foot ailments.


So always ensure that your feet are in a dry and warm environment inside the shoes. Excessive sweating of the feet is a condition that must be dealt with before it gets the better of your feet. And proper foot care should be taken if your feet have any blisters or ulcers developing on them.


Dealing with skin peeling between fingers and skin peeling between toes are conditions that many people have to deal with on a regular basis. The factors listed above may be one of the reasons why it happens. So it’s best to identify your particular cause and take the necessary precautions and steps to treat the condition in the best possible manner.

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More often than not, the dry dead skin between toes is only an outcome of seasonal changes or simply excessive dryness of the skin. So the best that you can do is keep your skin well hydrated and moisturized at all times. Don’t you agree?

How do you treat your condition in both the summer and the winter season?

Did you find the article informative? Is there anything else that you would like to add?

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