Is Your Second Toe Longer Than Your Big Toe Meaning?


Most of the times, we tag the things those are common as normal and anything other than that is a matter of research. Basically, we mix up the concepts of common and normal and awe the things that don’t come under this list. Our body parts also show such disharmony and Morton’s toe or boss toe is one of them where is the second toe longer than your big toe.

The aforesaid phenomena are known as Greek foot, Turkey toe, Royale toe, and more interesting names. There are medicals reasons why such thing happens in specific cases that deal with bone arrangements but there are other explanations as well that changes with culture, region, and races.

Here we will entertain both the theories and talk about the problems one may have to face due to this problem and how it can be treated.

second toe longer than big toe meaning

Myth: Is Your Second Toe Longer than Your Big Toe Meaning?

The myth regarding Morton’s toe is pretty interesting. The most popular theory says that the people having Morton’s toe is dependable and conservative and not only that they always keep a check on the outcome of their emotions.

Sometimes it is said that if your second toe is larger than big toe then you can control your better half and be in charge of the relationship.

Another group believes that Royale toe is a sign of success and the people having such foot condition is bound to meet success soon.

Though none of these has any base and there are no evidence or proof, people have been believing in these since ages.

second toe longer than your big toe meaning


Medical Explanation of Morton’s Toe

There is metatarsal bone behind our toes and they vary in length. In many cases, we see deformity because of the length. The main cause is the disturbed curve that determines the length of the toes. In most cases, there is a smooth curve on at the joint of the toes but on the case of Morton’s toe, the curve near the second toe bends a bit more and the second toe length is increased than the bigger toe.

The unusual activity and arrangement of bone are considered as the main reason behind Morton’s toe. As our second toe happen to be larger than the first one, so if the metatarsal bone is the same height for both, the second toe protrudes farther.

There are different effects of Morton’s toe and there are possible treatments as well that we are going to discuss here.


The main aspects and hindrances that Morton’s toe causes are:

  • Because of being the second toe bigger than the first one, it displaces the bones of the foot and put unnecessary weight on the second one.
  • Because of the extra weight this second metatarsal bear, there is an extra strain that it needs to deal with and it deals with various foot problems.
  • This may cause swelling of bone.
  • Because of Morton’s toe, the victim may face severe pain.
  • It may lead to an inability to walk or other foot related activity.
  • The way of walking gets changed and the victim suffers from knee pain, hip or lower back pain.
  • The major foot problems like arthritis, bunions, hammer toes can be caused by this.

Treatment of Morton’s Toe

There are several steps that you can take to treat bigger second toe problem. There are long term remedies as well as a short term to reduce your pain as soon possible.

How to Treat Mortons Neuroma?

Pain Relievers

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There are several pain relievers that you can easily opt to when you are experiencing severe pain in the foot. Ibuprofen, naproxen, acetaminophen or aspirin can be options for you but you must remember that you can’t continue this for long. If the situation continues and starts getting worse then you must switch to long term solutions.

Buy New Shoes

Most of the foot problem can be dealt with a proper pair of shoes. If you are suffering from Morton’s toe then you might like to have some comfortable shoes.

  • The toe box should be wider so that there is no unnecessary stress on the bones.
  • Avoid shoes that pinch the toes and more importantly, avoid high heels.
  • Your shoes should have cushioning and you may like to try some appropriate inserts to support the foot.
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Consult a Pro

If all these don’t seem very effective, then you must consult a doctor to analyze the problem properly. Sometimes, the right diagnosis is the first effective step towards a cure.

Doctor will prescribe a proper pain reliever or exercise or suitable insert to support your foot. The changes in weight through your body and the orientation of bones can be properly explained and treated.

Surgical Advice

Surgery is not an easy option and most of the doctors happen to ignore surgery as much as possible but when there is no other option left, you may have to think about it. There are different kinds of surgery available in medical sciences.

The most common one is to shorten the metatarsal of the second toe. A part of it is cur out of the body to give the foot usual and more comfortable orientation. Sometimes, the other bones are lengthened as well with the help of silicon surgery but this is very rare case.

So this is the medical theories and myth regarding Morton’s toe. Although myth has seen this phenomenon pretty positively but medical science has shown us the problem because of it. There are chances of different foot problem and severe pain. There are numerous ways that will help you to treat this problem. There are some basic things you must ignore as high heel shoes or ill fitted shoes without any inserts.

The remedies include soft exercises, some pain relievers, proper shoes and if nothing works the last option is surgery. Proper diagnosis and care would always make things better for you and you would find it easy to walk or put proper weight on the toes and get rid of the pain while getting back the normalcy in life.

Massage for Morton's Neuroma

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