How To Treat Plantar Fasciitis During Pregnancy?


During pregnancy, there are many issues you need to deal with like overweight, maternal fever etc. Overweight leads to various problems and plantar fasciitis is one of them. Most of the pregnant women face this problem as during gestation period you gain a lot of weight.

So this is very important to know how to treat plantar fasciitis during pregnancy and what is making it difficult for you to walk while you are carrying your little one and take necessary steps to get rid of that.

Plantar fascia is a bunch of tissues that connect the bottom of heel with the toes through the arch of the foot. The basic purpose of the plantar fascia is to support the leg while walking, running or other activities. When there is some kind of pressure and strain on this branch of tissues, pain or inflammation is caused and it is found difficult to work. This is known as plantar fasciitis.

To know the remedy we first need to know the causes and symptoms so that you can prevent the problem even before it hits you and if there is some problem you can easily opt for a proper solution.

Causes of Plantar Fasciitis during Pregnancy

plantar fasciitis during pregnancy


The main reason of plantar fasciitis during pregnancy is weight gain. During the first trimester, the mother tends to gain unusual weight and the body or other muscles don’t get used to this easily. Because of this, the tissues gets hurt and inflammation caused.

Due to this inflamed tissues, a shooting pain is felt while walking. This is mostly felt while taking the first step in the morning. Sometimes, when you sit for too long, and then stands up you feel this tingle in your foot.

Due to this overweight, the tissues get strained and inflamed and the foot gets flattened. This is the main reason that you suffer from plantar fasciitis for.

Another reason for this problem is hormone secretion. There are different hormones that emit during pregnancy to help the mother to deal with the pain. These hormones that help to reduce pain is the main reason the tissues and muscles get stiffened. As the bunch of tissues gets affected, it leads to plantar fasciitis.

Another problem is water displacement in the body. When you are pregnant the total amount of water in your body remains same but it gets displaced and divided into various different parts of the body. Sometimes, the lack or water leads to swollen foot and causes foot pain.

Moreover, if you are wearing ill fitted shoes and they have narrow toe box and there are no support in it, you are more likely to suffer from this problem.

Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis during Pregnancy

The main symptom of plantar fasciitis is stiffness and pain in the bottom of the foot. It mostly affects one foot first but it can affect the both as well. There are sensations of shooting pain in the heel or tingling. Some people happen to experience pain striking pain at the mid-bottom of the foot.

Although the symptoms are very common, they are painful and definitely make it difficult for you to move. So we must know the remedies and act accordingly.

Treatment for Pregnancy with Plantar Fasciitis

Sometimes, there are numerous solutions that we cannot switch to considering the fact that the victim is carrying a new life inside her. So here are some remedies that you can easily opt for during your pregnancy to treat plantar fasciitis.

Get Support:

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The main purpose of the plantar fascia is to support your foot while walking or any other activities. It gets damaged in this process so if you feel any kind of pain or inflammation, the first thing to do is to help it in its task. Try some high-quality support in your shoes to support your foot and relax the tissues. This is one of the simplest and best solution for treating plantar fasciitis.


Putting your feet up is always considered as a legitimate solution for treating plantar fasciitis. It helps to reduce swelling in feet and helps you to relax the muscles. You can put some pillows under your foot and sleep on the left side so that blood flows right back to your heart easily.

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Put Ice on It:

Putting ice 15-20 minutes every day for 3/4 times is always considered good for any kind of pain of foot. You might want to try it regularly considering the positive effects on your pain.

Slow down:

When you are pregnant, you are already going through a lot and the weight gain is taking a toll on you. You may want to slow down a little and take a break from too much exercise or standing and other activities that can stress your feet out.


Stretching is always one of the best remedies for treating plantar fasciitis. This helps to deal with the tightness of foot. You can put a towel on the pad below the toes and pull it towards you. Stretching is very effective and helps to fight against this problem.

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Consult a Doctor:

If all the other solutions fails and the situation keeps getting worse, then you should definitely try to consult a doctor. Any specialist will have better knowledge on the problem and make an outstanding diagnosis to treat it properly.

Detecting the proper cause will always speed up your recovery. There came some rare and tricky problem as well. So you can easily ask for help from a doctor and if necessary there could be rare chances of surgery.

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This is pretty much everything that you should know about plantar fasciitis during pregnancy. The main cause is overweight and you can fight it by following the aforesaid solutions.

The best way is to try a comfortable pair of shoes with proper support or inserts. This will always reduce the chance of foot problems. Apart from that, you can always try the other things like elevating the foot or taking rest and putting ice. Consulting a doctor may be the last and most wise choice.






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