3 Important Things To Know About Listerine For Toenail Fungus


Have you ever come across a solution that is created to solve a particular problem but ends up solving many? Isn’t that simply awesome? Of course, it is. And yes, I’m talking about Listerine. The liquid was created only to treat the mouth, am I right? But using Listerine for toenail fungus as well has become quite popular over the past few years.

The thing about toenail fungus is that it somehow doesn’t get completely cured by antifungal or antiseptic products. The infection requires an application that can penetrate deep into it. And Listerine does just that.

Listerine’s antifungal quality penetrates into the skin thoroughly. This helps in eliminating all the dead or infected skin cells. Toenail fungus thrives on these dead skin cells. So Listerine does the job of completely cutting off the food source itself. And this is how the toenail fungus slowly but eventually gets wiped out of existence. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Before I list the three most important things you need to know about Listerine for toenail fungus, let me tell you more about Listerine.

About Listerine


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Listerine is nothing but a simple mouthwash formula. It was first used in 1879 by Dr. Joseph Lister as an antiseptic to clean injuries and wounds.

A few years later, the uses of Listerine extended to treating gonorrhea and floors. And it was in the year 1914 that the liquid became an effective mouthwash treatment product. But it only gained popularity in the 1970s. That’s when people started using Listerine to get rid of their bad breath problem.

And over the past few years, the uses of Listerine have further extended to treat toenail fungus as well. In fact, Listerine is considered to be one of the most effective natural remedies to get rid of toenail fungus. But there are a few things you should know before you adopt the Listerine treatment to eliminate toenail infection.


Many people who use Listerine as a toenail fungus remedy expect to see results immediately. But that doesn’t happen. It all depends on how severe your condition is. The regularity of the application is also another factor that decides how much time it will take for the infection to get cured completely.

Typically, it takes several weeks for the liquid to heal toenail fungus. So you should know and understand that the process does not occur overnight. And even after using Listerine and other antifungal and antiseptic products, the toenail fungus doesn’t get cured; then it’s time to seek medical assistance.

Your podiatrist may recommend a laser treatment to remove the infection from its root cause, literally.

The 3 most Important Things you Should know about Listerine for Toenail Fungus

1. Why to Use it?


Listerine is a liquid that contains abundant antifungal and antiseptic properties. It has a high content of thymol. This is an antifungal ingredient. Back in ancient times, thymol was used in Egypt for the preservation of mummies.

Listerine also holds antimicrobial properties. This comes in the form of eucalyptol. It is considered to be a very strong antimicrobial agent. Have you ever heard about the organic acid called salicylate? This is an antiseptic that does the job of eliminating dead skin cells. It’s only when the dead skin cells are gone that new cells are allowed to develop, right?

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The mouthwash contains many such potent ingredients that can kill the fungal infection and heal the infected toenail area. But this will only happen if you know how to use Listerine to get rid of toenail fungus. The goal is to ensure that the solution penetrates the nail and touches the nail bed.

Now, this brings us to our next topic of discussion and the second most important thing you need to know about the Listerine treatment for toenail fungus.

2. How to Use it?

All you need to do is add some Listerine to a small bucket of warm water. Soak your feet in the solution. This enables the formula’s active ingredients to penetrate into the skin and nails.

After soaking your feet for half an hour, wipe them with a clean, dry towel. Please don’t forget that you need to keep doing this consistently for a while to see positive results.

  • Among the best natural remedies to get rid of toenail fungus is one that involves the use of vinegar with Listerine.

In this case, you need to mix equal parts of Listerine and vinegar into a small bucket of warm water. Soak your feet in there for 30 minutes on a daily basis. The level of acidity in the solution will cause the fungus to die off eventually.

  • There is a third way of performing the treatment. People who don’t have the time and patience to soak the infection in a bucket of water containing Listerine and vinegar can use this method.

Instead of soaking your feet in the solution, you can apply it on your infected toenails with the help of a brush. You should do this thrice a day if you want to heal the condition as soon as possible.

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3. Possible Side Effects

There are no serious side effects of using Listerine to treat toenail fungus. The only minor thing that you might notice is a green tint on your toenails. But this usually wears off in no time. And it is not harmful in any way.


Using Listerine is considered to be one of the best natural remedies to get rid of toenail fungus. So it is very safe to use. The extent of its success depends on how often you use the liquid and how severe your toenail fungal infection is.

That’s About It! 

Do you know what the best form of treatment is? Prevention. It’s crucial to take all the necessary steps in making sure that the infection doesn’t grow back. You can do that by keeping your toes well ventilated, putting on shoes that fit well, and regularly changing your cotton socks.

Prevention is better than cure, isn’t it? So keep your feet clean and dry at all times. Also, ensure that your toenails are not too long. Extra-long toenails make a good home for toenail fungus.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article. And I hope it was informative enough for you to solve your problem. Please don’t forget to drop in your comments below. And if you have anything else to add, then please feel free to do so.

Take care of those precious feet!

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