How To Relieve Ball Of Foot Pain? Some Effective Solutions


No matter which age group or profession you belong, ball of foot pain is very popular issues nowadays that can delay your progress. This can cause serious problems and lead to uneasiness during work and sometimes make you unable to move.

So, how to relieve ball of foot pain? This article is to show you different ways to relieve this pain.

Before we move on to the core of the problem we must know the causes and symptoms so that if you are doing any of it, you can easily avoid that to stop it from getting worse. To know your problem is the first stage of handling it properly.

So here we will focus on the cause and symptoms as well along with discussing the remedies.

Causes of Ball of Foot Pain

The reason for the ball of foot pain are quite common and we are all quite familiar with the names. Sometimes the lifestyle (what type of shoe you wear, how much time you stand up etc.) that you are leading can also be an issue.

1. Arthritis:

Arthritis is the inability to walk and it is seen in all sex, race and age group of people. The joint pain along with swelling, stiffness is the main symptom and walking and stair climbing gets harder with this disease. There are various types of arthritis and it can be the main cause of ball of foot pain.

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2. Ligament Injuries:

Ligaments are very easily tampered when playing, jumping or even walking or running and they can cause severe pain if not treated properly at the right time. This is another valid reason for the ball of foot pain.

3. Morton’s Neuroma:

Morton’s neuroma is a small benign nerve tumor located between the third and fourth toe which causes severe pain and irritation in balls of the foot.

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4. High Heels

If you wear high heels continuously and for a long period of time, your muscle and balls of foot start to get stressed and that causes severe pain and soreness. Narrow toe boxes shoes that look so beautiful and stylish can be an issue as well.

5. Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Tarsal tunnel syndrome is an aftereffect of pinched tissues and that can be a reason for the ball of foot pain.

There are other reasons as well like irritation in muscles and improper shoes for this problem. So first thing towards the cure to this problem is to avoid such things. If you are not suffering, then you might want to avoid such deeds to stay away from the ball of foot pain.

How to Relieve Ball of Foot Pain? Know about Symptoms:

The symptoms of balls of foot pain are described below so that if you are suffering from any of them, you can take proper steps for speedy recovery.

  • When those tissues come under pressure we notice tenderness.
  • You feel a tingle because of sharp pain if you put any weight on our feet.
  • ​You would find it hard to run, walk or even stand.
  • ​Bruises or dull ache.
  • Swelling or soreness at the ball part.

How To Relieve Ball Of Foot Pain & Improve Your Foot Problem Skills?

Now you have a rough idea of what you can go through because of this ball of foot pain problem and you better take swift action if you detect yourself with any of it. We all must remember that speedy recovery depends on how early the problem was detected.

Now that we have discussed the cause and symptom part we must move on to the most important part that is the remedy of the ball of foot pain.


There are different kinds of solutions based on different issues and we will talk about all of them. Sometimes the pain is so severe that you need instant relief or there could be some emergency that includes movements of your limbs, these solutions are called immediate recovery but they don’t last for long so you have to make sure your ball of foot pain is gone permanently. For that, we have long terms recoveries.

Now we will discuss these two solutions in details.

How to Treat Ball of Foot Pain (Metatarsalgia)?

Immediate Recovery:

First of all, you need to determine the cause and remove it from your daily activity.

  • If you are wearing high heels and your balls of the foot are paining, remove them and try to soothe your sore legs and avoid serious activities for sometimes.
  • Use some pain relief spray or balm to get back your normalcy.
  • There are medical cushions to lower the intensity of the pain and soothes the sore muscles.

Long-term recovery:

Long-term recovery includes stretches that strengthen our muscles and helps to exclude the pain. The other most important thing to be done is to pay attention to the insole of the shoe.

The shoes you wear on a regular basis, or the sports shoes or any designer shoes may have this insole problem in which they stop supporting the muscles of your foot and this causes balls of foot pain. So you must take care of the insole. Even if the shoe is new, if you feel it’s not supporting your muscles then change it. Expensive designer shoes are also exclusive from the outside but you could try to make it comfortable from inside according to your need.

This is the basic step to treating balls of foot pain and further treatments depend on the type of the problem and we will discuss that now.


This is also known as a stone bruise and we get it from strenuous activities like running or jumping but most of the times, the main reason is ill fit shoes. It causes pain and inflammation in the balls.

The remedies are,

  • Try pain high-quality reliefs prescribed by doctors.
  • Try better shoe inserts to provide better support to the balls.
  • Keep ice on the damaged part and let it rest.
  • Switch to comfortable footwear.

Morton’s neuroma:

As we have already discussed the problem called Morton’s neuroma and the very cause is tight shoes or high heels. The main remedies are,

  • Try proper shoe inserts to give supports to the nerves and balls and muscles.
  • Use steroid or other injections into foot necessarily advised by the doctor.
  • Take popular sprays for pain relief. There could be balm or medicines as well.
  • Try not to stress out the neuroma.
  • It might be wise to avoid high heels or narrow toe box shoes.
  • If not cured, you might try consulting your doctor for surgery.


Runners and ballet dancers are mostly affected by this problem. Near the big toe, two bones are connected by a tendon and when it tampered, we suffer from sesamoiditis. The symptoms are pain and inflammation. The remedies are,

  • Use a comfortable shoe and try to put a foot pad.
  • Use ice on the injured part.
  • It is wise to keep your foot at rest.
  • To heal the injury, try to immobile the joints of the toe by taping it.
  • Use low heel shoes.
  • Consult doctors for steroid injections.

These are the ways for treating different balls of foot pain problems. So to sum it up we can say that,

  • Lessen any strenuous activities that include the balls of the foot.
  • Strengthen the foot muscles by exercising on the Achilles' tendon.
  • Use supportive and proper fitted shoes like sneakers.
  • Use icing and cold therapy.
  • Try shock absorbing insoles.

There are some home remedies as well that can help you to avoid balls of foot pain.

​The Ball of The Foot: Ask an Expert

Home Remedies:

1. Oil Therapy:

You can use rosemary, peppermint or eucalyptus oil to soothe the sore muscles.

2. Cold and Hot Water:

Try to put your foot into the cold and hot water tub alternatively for some time regularly. This will release the pain in the muscle.

3. Vinegar:

Make a mixture of vinegar and salt or vinegar in water and keep your feet into that for – minutes.

4. Epsom Salt:

Put Epsom salt in water and soak your foot in that for several minutes.

5. Clove Oil:

You can try massaging your injured foot with clove oil or you may try coconut or olive oil.

6. Cayenne Pepper:

This is enriched with capsaicin and helps to deal with arthritis.

7. Sage:

You can use sage with apple cider vinegar and boil the mixture. Simmer it and soak it with cotton and apply on the injured skin.

8. Mustard Seeds:

You can grind mustard seeds and put into water to boil and soak your foot in it.

9. Asparagus:

Having asparagus on a regular basis can reduce the problems as well.


Apart from all these, there are two most popular remedies that we have mentioned several times in this articles. They are choosing proper shoes and exercise. These have no replacement in the treatment of balls of foot pain.

How to relieve ball of foot pain? There are many reasons and many different forms but they also have different remedies as well.

Foot pain, be it any kind, is always related to shoes. So choosing properly fitted shoes with proper insole to support your feet is necessary but not only this, you must keep your injured parts at rest.

More importantly consulting a doctor always seems a nice option if the situation gets harder to deal with at home.

You can also add your opinion in the comment boxes.






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