How To Make Steel Toe Boots More Comfortable? Some Interesting And Useful Ways


Steel toe boots are most important and useful tool at your work as you can’t concentrate or give your best unless you feel physically comfortable. Although this is a valuable part of your work, most of the times it causes uneasiness due to its features, but there are always ways to make it better.

Here we will discuss how to make steel toe boots more comfortable so that the idea of wearing them daylong would not be a nightmare for you.

There are various tips that will help you out with your steel toe boots and let’s get started with the amazing list.

how to make steel toe boots more comfortable


Helpful Tips: How To Make Steel Toe Boots More Comfortable?

Perfect Fit- The Most Important Feature

In any case of shoes, be it steel toe or normal the fitting is most important. You will always face several problems due to ill fitted shoes which will lead to serious foot pain and problems. More importantly, your work shoes will be on you all day long and there will be maximum activities so you need to make the choice wisely to avoid any hindrance.

While buying shoes you must consider the following things.

Socks and Cushions

While buying the shoes, wear the socks that you will wear at work. This way there would be less confusion. You can use polyester or wool socks that are known as very comfortable but you can easily try a blend of both which works perfectly fine in any weather-winter or summer. You may like to try some cushions at the bottom that will cause you real comfort.

Try to Follow the Process Properly

While buying the shoes and choosing the comfortable one you must follow the process to determine the right size.

  • First, slide your foot into the shoe till it touches the front of the shoe.
  • Start bending your knee in a forward position.
  • Now keep it that way and put your index finger between the heel of your foot and the back of the shoe.

Make sure the gap is neither more nor less than that index finger.

Proper Laces

You must pay great attention towards the laces that will increase the comfort in your shoes. You may like to make sure that the laces snug the foot properly and make you feel maximum cozy. They should stop your foot from sliding to the front or you will feel uneasy being your toes pressed against the front of the shoe.

For this purpose, the laces should not be very loose but they are not supposed to be very tight either because that will make you feel uncomfortable.

Boot Feature

While choosing the most comfortable steel toe boots you may like to make sure two significant features of any great shoes. The shoe must not bend at the part where the bottom of your foot has an arch and at the portion of the ball joint the shoes must flex. These two features will make you shoes really comfortable and healthy making your work time easier.

Swelling of Foot

One common thing that we happen to ignore is that after a daylong work our feet swell up due to obvious reasons. In hot seasons, the swelling thing increases so while buying a boot it would be always wise to try it on at the end of the day. That way you can make sure that the foot is at its maximum volume and you can choose the shoe accordingly.

how to make steel toe boots more comfortable


Always Look for Some Quality Shoes

Comfort comes with quality. Poor quality boots won’t last long and wear out soon along with the linings. The leather will be damaged soon and there is nothing more uncomfortable for your feet like a ripped lining. So if you desire to have a comfortable pair of boots you may as well look for some good quality leather. The lining in quality boots is of leather or another premium textile. Also look for some durable stitching.

In cheap boots the fitting is also not satisfactory because in many of them, there could be bulbous which will make you feel really uncomfortable. So here are some brands to make your search easier.

Wesco Highliner 10

1. Wesco:

This is one respected and trust worthy name in the world of boots and it has been serving the men whose lives depends on the boots. Boots from this maker last a lifetime provided you take proper care and you can resole it many times. They are of outstanding quality so quite expensive but they are made in USA. There are specific models like job master that serves really well even the forest workers. Whites Boots offers alike quality items.

KEEN Utility Men's Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot,Bison,11 D US

2. Keen:

This is one trusted brand among footwear and started with making sandals which ended up in all kind of shoe categories. They show more excellence in making athletic and hiking shoes rather than conventional boots.

Keen is popular for their wide feet shoe range and there is no doubt regarding the durability but in most of the cases, you can’t resolve the boots.

6 Ways to Make Your Shoes More Comfortable​

Timberland PRO Men's Pitboss 6

3. Timberland:

Timberland is mainly known for their yellow leather boots with direct attach method. They are very high quality boots and has been serving the customers for long. The sole is molded upright which is so far one of the best water tight method. While buying a product from timberland make sure it fits your foot well because you are investing into something that will last long. One of the major disadvantage of the products from this maker is that we can’t resole them.

Irish Setter Men's 83608 6

4. Red Wing:

This is one historic brand and they always offers variety in style and constructions. Most of the items are imported while some of boots are still manufactured in USA. The new collection named Irish Setter Collection is worth your time and money both.

Chippewa Men's 8

5. Chippewa:

This brand is around since 1901 and we can easily trust on the brand name. They provide the customers with some highly fashionable boots made in USA along with wide range of imported ones. Some of them are traditional while some can easily adopt resole technology.

So these are the brand you can trust while buying the most comfortable steel toe boots.

Good Quality Insoles

After market insoles are best answers while you are trying to make your steel toe boots comfortable. They add up to your easiness dramatically and there is no replacement of these in getting works done. The main criteria while choosing the insole is the arch support. No matter if you have high arch or flat feet always go with an insole that provides great arch support.

Impacto RHINOTUFFA Rhinotuff Puncture Resistant Insole, Red

Insole is always one of the most important matter in case of comfortable shoes. So you need to choose wisely and it’s better to not go with cheap insoles. The modern shoes comes with the type of insoles that cannot hold up to all work style and all types of foot.

The insoles available in the medical stores are also no good so it is advisable to have great supportive expensive insoles for a comfortable shoes and great work time.

Changing or Rotating Boots

Most of the time what we do with our boots is that we keep wearing the same boots till it wears out. This is unhealthy for both our foot and the boot. The life span o f a shoe can be lengthen a lot if you try to use two shoes at a time and alternate them regularly.

This way the two shoe will last longer than three individual shoes would have last separately because this rotating process allows you to dry the shoe properly and take care of it in right way.

Take Proper Care of the Boots

It is very important for the boots to be taken care of properly to be comfortable in them. There are few steps that will help you to do so.



It is necessary to dry the boots properly before you start using them again. It is important to remember that your boot should not subject to more heat than your hand can tolerate. It is never wise to dry the boots in extra heat exceeding the normal temperature range.

If the boot is damp, try to separate the insole and dry it as it will speed up the process. You can fill any soaked boots with newspaper and it will absorb the moisture quickly.



You must keep your boots clean to make them comfortable and cozy. Clean the mud from the leather but soaking the shoe is not wise so you can go for some firm brush that can do that easily. To eliminate salt from the shoe you can try some water and vinegar mixture.



All the leather boots require conditioning although, in the case of waterproof boots, it is considerable. Normal leather boots need conditioners highly and it makes the shoes more comfortable for you. There are some leather conditioners that will soften the leather but silicon-based compositions will add water proof features without softening the leather.


Apart from these the proper height, weight, design, special shoes for a specific purpose will make you work in better and more comfortable atmosphere. So this is all you need to know about how to make steel toe boots more comfortable so act accordingly and you will keep working in a cozy shoe.





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