How To Care For Leather Boots Without Ruining Them?


Leather boots don’t come cheap, right? And the ones that do don’t last as long. So if you’re someone whose work or other equally important activity requires you to regularly wear leather boots, you must know how to care for leather boots.

Otherwise, due to the unfavorable and harsh conditions that you work in, your shoes will start to look and feel worn out sooner than you can imagine.

How to care for leather boots

Leather boots are normally used by industry or construction workers, electricians, carpenters, and the like (reasons why safety shoes are important). And this means that the boots are built strong and sturdy. But when regularly exposed to inhospitable conditions like muddy water, snow, rocks, oil and more, even the toughest leather boots tend to give up if not well maintained.

There is a very basic yet effective way of preventing this tragedy from taking place and preserving your leather boots for as long as you possibly can.

​How to Care for Leather - Cleaning and Conditioning Work Boots?

Now this is not some magical potion that will make your leather boots last forever. The step by step procedure listed below that teaches you how to protect leather boots is something that will restore leather boots and ensure that wear and tear get delayed for as long as it possibly can and not eliminated completely. Because that’s just impossible, isn’t it?

The Supplies You will Need:

  • Boot cleaning brush.
  • Lukewarm soap suds (if you have some tough looking dirt on the boots).
  • ​Leather impregnating or waterproofing spray.
  • Leather conditioning cream.

How to Care for Leather Boots?


Remove the Laces and Insoles

The very first step in this guide that teaches you how to clean leather boots naturally is to ensure that after every use, you give your leather boots some space to breathe. And how is this possible?

By removing the laces and insoles of the boots and letting them dry completely. Once the laces and insoles are out, there is maximum ventilation. Also, the sweat and moisture-absorbent insoles tend to dry comparatively quicker outside the shoes than inside them.

This is the best way to protect your leather boots from bad odor and premature wear and tear. Many outdoor enthusiasts and even workmen make the most of this particular maintenance tip by letting their leather boots as well as laces and insoles dry out in such a manner for at least half a day before putting them on back again.


Use a Brush to Remove All the Dirt

The second step is to get rid of all the debris and dirt found on the leather boots. And the best and quickest way to do this is to use a boot cleaning brush. And the best place to do this is either in your garage where you have access to running water or in your utility sink.

Place your leather boots under lukewarm running water and gently brush them to remove all the debris and dirt stuck on the boots. This is the most effective way to learn how to clean leather boots with household items.

Since your leather boots are exposed to lukewarm water as well as brushing, the dirt comes off quite easily. And even if it doesn’t, using a special leather boot cleaning product like lukewarm soap suds will do the job for you quite flawlessly.

How to care for leather boots

Waterproof the Leather Boots

The best answer to the question, how to care for leather boots is this. Waterproofing your leather boots is the best thing that you can do to keep them protected from wet and muddy conditions as well as from early aging.

After you have thoroughly brushed your leather boots under lukewarm running water, the next step should be to waterproof the boots. Now this needs to be carried out immediately as lukewarm water tends to open up all the pores in the leather fabric. And these open pores need to be closed again in order to maintain the high-quality of leather.

So how are you going to close these pores? Simply by using an impregnating or waterproofing spray made for leather boots. This product ensures that the water absorption quality of the boots doesn’t get compromised.

The SECRET To Waterproofing LEATHER Boots!

Condition the Leather Boots

How to care for leather boots


There are many workmen who will tell you how conditioning their leather boots has helped the boots last longer. If your leather boots have been subjected to impregnation or waterproofing, then conditioning them must be the next and most crucial step.

So how to condition leather boots? Apply the leather conditioning cream to your boots and gently polish the cream into them with the help of a brush.

It is very important to perform this procedure as washing leather boots makes them more susceptible to damage, so the quality and natural properties of the leather fabric need to be restored with the help of the leather conditioning cream.

For better results, you can use a hairdryer in order to allow the cream to get completely absorbed into the leather material. You can easily restore leather boots using this product but only if your boots are constructed with genuine leather.

Preserving & Conditioning Leather Boots


Testing and Storing the Leather Boots

Once you are through with performing these steps, it’s time to test your leather boots. If you want to learn to care for leather boots, it is very important for you to know whether they are properly waterproofed and conditioned.

So in order to test this, sprinkle some water on your leather boots. If the water forms tiny droplets on the surface of the leather material instead of getting absorbed into it, you know that your leather boots are good to go.

As far as storing the boots is concerned, it is best to keep leather boots in a dry, open space. And especially if they are damp or wet, storing them under the sunlight will ensure that your leather boots don’t lose their natural shape and quality.


Expensive and high-quality leather boots require you to know how to care for leather boots thoroughly. Otherwise, buying costly leather boots will not seem like such a practical decision. But it will all make sense once you learn to care for leather boots so you can make the most out of your huge investment.

Leather boots are built in such a way that, when cared for, they have the ability to be a part of your life for many years. So let’s make them last!

I hope you found the article useful and will try to exercise these cleaning habits regularly in order to keep your leather boots happy. Please let me know if there’s anything else that we should do to learn how to protect leather boots.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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