Do You Know 6 Simple And Effective Home Remedies For Dry Feet?

If you have dry feet, you know how uncomfortable, itchy and even embarrassing it can be. Dry feet is more common in the older population, but anyone can really suffer from dry, cracked heels.

This problem can be embarrassing because people have a tendency to associate cracked, dry heels as the result of inadequate hygiene or foot care.

Really, though, there are a few different things that can cause your feet to feel itchy and dry. Your dry feet could be indicative of nutritional deficiencies, or they may reflect sensitivity to certain seasons, like dry climates or the months during the winter.

Luckily, there are a number of home remedies for dry feet that will take care of your problem quickly.


Why do Our Feet Get Dry?

Unlike the rest of our bodies, the skin that is on the foot tends to be naturally dry. The skin on the foot doesn’t have any oil glands, causing the foot to use a lot of sweat glands to keep the feet feeling moisturized.

Dry feet are typically a problem for those who don’t moisturize the skin on their feet as much regularly or people who suffer from a medical condition like athlete’s foot or diabetes.

The severity of the dryness can range from temporary, mild dry skin to severe chronic dry skin that can cause added problems.

Although skin can become dry for a variety of reasons, do not be discouraged, there are ways to prevent it, like moisturizing the foot and avoiding scratching or rubbing your skin. 

How to Cure Dry, Cracked Feet​?

What Can Happen if I Don’t Treat my Dry Feet?

Some complications can arise if you leave your dry feet untreated, like dermatitis, psoriasis, limited mobility, chronic burning and itchiness, and a need to seek expensive treatment after over-the-counter medications no longer suffice.

Some Home Remedies for Dry Feet


Scrub Your Feet

  • One home remedy you can try is scrubbing away the dead, hard skin on your feet. Before you do, soak the feet in a warm and soapy water mix in order to make the skin softer and easier to scrub.
  • Soak your feet in the warm water for around twenty minutes, using a pumice stone to scrub off dead skin cells gently.
  • Afterward, rinse your feet off using clean water while patting them dry with a towel.
  • Use moisturizer or foot cream and place a pair of clean socks on overnight.
  • You can repeat this every day until your dry feet have completely healed.

Lemon Juice

  • Soak the feet in pure lemon juice for around ten minutes. Lemon juice is good for dissolving dead, dry skin so that it can easily be removed because it is a mild acid.
  • After the soak, use a foot brush to scrub the feet.

Coconut Oil

  • Coconut oil is a nice remedy for cracked, dry feet. Not only does it moisturize the feet, it fights bacterial and fungal infections due to antifungal and antimicrobial properties.
  • Before you head to bed, soak the feet in a tub of warm water, scrubbing it with a loofah.
  • After thoroughly drying the feet, apply the coconut oil to your feet generously.
  • Place a pair of clean socks on your feet for the night, and the next morning, wash the feet after removing your socks.

Vaseline and Lemon Juice

  • For this home remedy, mix a single teaspoon of Vaseline and the juice of an entire lemon. Wash the feet, patting them dry before applying. Apply to the heels and dry areas of your feet until the entire mixture has been used.
  • Like the other remedies we mentioned, do this before bedtime but instead of cotton socks, use wool socks – they will absorb the moisture and prevent any stains that might be made on the bed sheets.

Mentholated Rub

  • Try mentholated rub, another home remedy useful for dry feet due to the essential it contains. To try this one, properly clean and dry your feet then apply the mentholated rub. Like the other remedies, wear a pair of socks and leave them on overnight.
  • The next day when you wake up, you will want to remove the socks and cleanse the feet using warm water. Repeat this every day for a few days until the dry skin comes off.

Paraffin Wax

  • You can utilize paraffin wax if you want to remove dead skin to cure your dry feet. Plus, it will work to soften your skin and keep your body’s natural oils on your skin.
  • Heat up the paraffin wax in the microwave, adding equal amounts of coconut oil. Apply the paste on to the dry patches of your socks and place a pair of socks on to your feet before bed. Leave on overnight, washing your feet completely the next morning. Use the remedy every day for a week or two.

6 Simple Home Remedies For Dry Feet

How Can Dry Feet be Prevented?

Luckily, most of these home remedies can also be utilized to prevent bouts of dry skin in the future, but here are some extra tips if you really want to avoid the situation:



  • Speak with your doctor about which over the counter moisturizers, creams or lotions you can use to help you keep the dryness under control. You want to use a specific type of lotion because most lotions contain alcohol, which can dry your feet out even more.
  • Don’t scratch or rub the area that is bothering you. It may take will power, but apply an ice pack to the area that is irritating you for a couple of minutes at a time.
  • ​If you suffer from chronic dry skin, avoid washing too much. Stay away from bubble baths, soaps with fragrance and other personal care products that can dry our your skin.
  • ​After you watch your feet, pat the skin dry rather than rubbing your towel over your feet.
  • ​When you wash, utilize lukewarm water in lieu of hot water. The heat can add to your problem.
  • ​Moisturize after each time your feet get wet
  • ​Wear shoes that allow you to breathe
  • ​If your dry feet are very serious, don’t overuse heat in your house or utilize a humidifier to retain the air’s moisture.
  • While you are experiencing chronic dryness, avoid caffeine and alcohol, which dry up the body and can exacerbate the dryness.


So what we have learned is that dry feet do not arise from lack of personal hygiene or foot care. Although dry feet can cause complications, there are a number of easy home remedies for dry feet like:

  • Soaking the feet and scrubbing your feet rigorously
  • Soaking the feet in lemon juice
  • ​Applying coconut oil overnight
  • ​Using Vaseline and lemon juice
  • ​Using mentholated rub or paraffin wax
  • Wearing breathable shoes

If you have any further questions, or if the situation does not improve with the listed home remedies, see a doctor and express your concerns to him or her. Remember, if you leave dry feet untreated, complications can arise.

Did you find this article useful? Have any tips or home remedies of your own? Leave a comment below and share!

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