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Why Do Toenails Turn Yellow? And What To Deal With That?


 Yellow toenails. You’ve seen them on others, or maybe they have gotten yellow over time. So why do toenails turn yellow? There are a couple of diseases and conditions that cause yellow nails. Some reasons are more innocuous than others – for example, painting your toenails with a dark shade of nail polish can make […]

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Do You Know The Interesting History Of The Sneaker?


 In the 11th century, South American Indians made waterproof shoes by spreading sap from the rubber plant on their feet. And, believe it or not, that gave birth to the sneaker. Today, sneakers come in all shapes, designs, and colors. They are made from state-of-the-art materials and are specially designed to do everything a foot […]

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Do You Know What To Wear With Combat Boots?


 Did you know that combat boots were the popular choice of footwear back in the 90s? Men used to wear combat boots for both work and casual occasions. Combat boots were the ultimate go-to shoes only a decade ago. And they have now come back in the same traditional but tougher design with some exceptionally […]

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How To Shine Shoes Without Polish Effectively?


 Forgetting shoe polish is something that we all do and have done so many times in the past, right? And there’s no point getting mad about it again when there is a chance that you might make the same mistake again in the future? And not just once, but a couple of times. Sometimes this […]

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