Best Walking Shoes For Overweight Women – Buyer’s Guide of 2017

Finding the right kind of women’s walking shoes is always a pain in the feet, quite literally. But it’s even worse when you’re overweight. The extra weight tends to exert a lot of pressure on the feet, which might lead to serious foot problems.

And you don’t want that now, do you? All you want is to be able to walk comfortably, right? So what you need is a pair of the best walking shoes for overweight women.

As though walking wasn’t already a difficult task, you don’t require something to make the physical activity even more challenging. This is why our list of the seven best women’s walking shoes is so important. So let’s see what you find in there!

Quick Comparison: Top 7 Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Women

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best walking shoes for overweight women


The Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Women: 7 Top Choices

When it comes to walking shoes, the options are aplenty. This applies to both men and women, and for all types of foot conditions, sizes, and shapes. So the buying process can get very confusing. And you might not be able to differentiate the good from the bad.

But our team of experts has done that for you. We’ve shortlisted some of the best picks manufactured till date. Time to get to know them a little better!

1. ASICS Running Shoe – The Best High-Quality Walking Shoes for Overweight Women

ASICS Women's Gel-Nimbus 17 Running Shoe,Lightning/White/Hot Pink,7.5 M US

Despite not being as popular as the bigger shoe brands, ASICS has succeeded in manufacturing the best women’s walking shoes. You can wear them for walking, jogging, and running as well. They are also suitable for physical training sessions.

The lightweight midsoles provide your feet with abundant cushioning to make the physical activities more comfortable. On top of that, the uppers come with Fluidlit technology. This particular feature combines with the lightweight mesh material to offer superior comfort.

Another unique component is the plastic heel design. This keeps the weight of the shoes in check. Plus, the gel padding in the toe region delivers maximum foot stability during walking.

The only gripe with the shoes is the rigid footbed. So flexibility takes a huge hit due to this flaw.

We Like

  • The laces are long enough for double, more secure knotting.
  • They have a soft design, which allows them to stretch.

We Don't Like

  • The toe box is too spacious.
  • The footbed has an inflexible nature.

ASICS:The Preferred Shoe of Elite Triathletes

2. Saucony Running Shoe – The Best Flexible Walking Shoes for Overweight Women

Saucony Women's Ride 7 Running Shoe,Blue/Vizicoral,8 M US

In terms of flexibility, there’s nothing better than this. The Saucony Women’s Ride 7 Running Shoes come with extra cushioning, which is incredibly light in weight. The thing about the outsoles is that they combine with the cushioning in the most efficient manner. And this gives you a smooth walking experience on all kinds of grounds.

The midsoles and the forefoot region also offer additional flexibility. And this is considered to be a plus point in the walking shoes for overweight women.

But the most impressive feature of the shoes is the rubber segments in the outsoles. These are installed in the highly vulnerable spots to make the shoes durable.

And as for fit, the flat laces and reinforced eyelets take care of that. What’s not to like about them is the poor quality of the mesh material. It tends to tear easily.

We Like

  • The shoes’ toe box is wide enough, making them suitable for larger feet.
  • The optimal cushioning works well for longer walks or runs.

We Don't Like

  • Lack of maximum arch support.
  • The mesh is susceptible to tearing apart soon.

3. Skechers Sport Sneaker – The Most Comfortable Walking Shoes for Overweight Women

Skechers Sport Women's D'Lites Lace-Up Sneaker, Black/White,8 M US

The thing about Skechers is that it manufactures walking shoes with well-cushioned insoles. This particular feature is responsible for providing superior comfort. And it also combines with the unique design of the midsoles to offer exceptional shock absorption.

Overweight women don’t need to worry about foot pain with these shoes as they distribute all the excessive weight evenly. The heel design is also another important component in holding the foot in place. This gives you a more secure and comfortable fit.

You might also love the rubber traction outsoles of the shoes. These are responsible for providing the much-needed stability while walking.

The part that’s slightly disappointing is that the shoes are not suitable for high arches. But in their defense, not all walking shoes deliver that kind of arch support. There are shoes specifically created for such a foot condition.

We Like

  • The soles are well cushioned and thick enough to absorb maximum impact.
  • They have an excellent slip resistant capacity.

We Don't Like

  • They run small.
  • Arch support is lacking.

Skechers D’Lites Commercial Starring Brooke Burke-Charvet

4. New Balance Running Shoe – The Best Supportive Walking Shoes for Overweight Women

New Balance Women's W990 Running Shoe,Grey,8 B US

When we talk about providing foot support, nothing beats the New Balance Women’s 990V3 Running Shoes. It comes in the form of ENCAP cushioning in the midsoles. These along with the soles’ flexible structure add comfort to your every mid-stride movement. And the flexibility allows you to bend your shoes easily. This offers ease of movement.

The forefoot has a blown rubber construction, and the midsoles come with ABZORB technology. These two valuable features are highly beneficial for overweight women. They make the activity of walking comfortable and painless.

The combination of leather and mesh keeps the shoe light in weight while also encouraging maximum ventilation. But there’s something about these shoes that you might not like. It’s the short length of the tongue. Because of this, putting on the shoes becomes slightly difficult.

We Like

  • The insoles conform to the shape of the foot.
  • Spacious toe box to prevent foot cramps during walking.

We Don't Like

  • The tongue is not long enough.
  • They have a narrow design.

Walking Shoe Fundamentals

5. Brooks Walking Shoes – The Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Women with Excellent Motion Control

Brooks Women's Addiction Walker Walking Shoe,White,8 AA

The best part about motion control is that it helps with overpronation or other such sideward movements of the foot. And the Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes have exceeded our expectations in this particular aspect. They do an excellent job at providing corrective support along with stability.

Keeping the foot in place inside the shoe is important when you’re overweight. So this is what you should expect from the Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes. They prevent the foot from turning inward, thus eliminating knee pain as well.

The most impressive part about the shoes is the MOGO cushioning of the midsoles. These go a long way in delivering shock absorption.

And to make things even better, the Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes come with slip-resistant outsoles. Everything about these best walking shoes is more than just satisfactory.

So it feels like a huge disappointment when you find out that the shoes are not light in weight. While they’re not too heavy either, but a little less weight would have been better.

We Like

  • The arch and overall support of the shoes prevent inward rolling.
  • Tight stitching ensures maximum durability.

We Don't Like

  • The heel is a tad too high.
  • They are slightly bulky.

Brooks Addiction Walker For Women 

6. Reebok Walking Shoe – The Best Affordable Walking Shoes for Overweight Women

Reebok Men's Work N Cushion Walking Shoe,White,10 M US

Even though they are comparatively cheaper than most models on the market, they offer tons of beneficial features. Quality comfort and stability being the two important ones. The Reebok Women’s Work N Cushion Walking Shoes have uppers built with synthetic mesh. This adds lightweight comfort to the whole experience.

When outsoles are slip and oil resistant, your feet enjoy maximum support for all kinds of movements. And this is even better with walking shoes created for overweight men and women. In fact, these outsoles also offer exceptional control to give you a steady stride with tons of stability.

The most striking aspect of these best walking shoes for overweight women is that they are suitable for wide feet. On the other hand, the worst part is the stiff quality. The material doesn’t offer enough flexibility, which can affect their performance level.

We Like

  • The top fabric stretches well enough to fit the shape of the foot.
  • They are water resistant.

We Don't Like

  • The shoes don’t bend easily.
  • Due to the absence of leather, breathability takes a hit.

7. Vionic Classic Shoes – The Best Women’s Walking Shoes for Proper Walking Posture

Vionic Women's Walker Classic Shoes, 8.5 B(M) US, White/Blue

When you’re overweight, it’s important to keep in mind factors like foot stability and walking posture. Failing to do so tends to increase pain in the muscles and joints. And this is why the Vionic Women’s Walker Classic Shoes might be an ideal choice for overweight women.

They have excellent EVA midsoles for shock absorption and high-quality rubber outsoles for maximum traction and flexibility. What all these features also do is offer the greatest foot stability and encourage proper body posture for walking.

You will be glad to know that the design is extra wide. And this is what makes them the best walking shoes for overweight women. This and the Orthaheel motion control footbed along with the well-shaped arch support.

But every shoe has its flaws, however negligible. In this case, it’s the squeaky sound that the shoes make during walking. This may not seem like such a big problem until it starts bothering the people around you.

We Like

  • The heel cup of the shoes helps in realigning every stride for more comfort.
  • The sockliner has anti-bacterial properties.

We Don't Like

  • Too stiff and hard to break in.
  • They are noisy shoes.

Vionic Womens Walker

The Buyer’s Guide to Walking Shoes for Overweight Women

When overweight, there’s no other better physical exercise than walking. But this is easier said than done, right? Your feet need to receive the right amount and kind of support to keep them comfortable and in good shape. So the walking shoes that you select should offer certain features that can manage excessive weight.

Below we’ve listed everything you need to know about walking and walking shoes for overweight women.

What are the Health Benefits of Walking for Overweight Women?

Even a 20-minute walk goes a long way in stabilizing blood sugar and minimizing unhealthy, high-calorie food cravings. Now, this doesn’t sound like such a difficult task to accomplish, does it? And the activity feels even more comfortable with a pair of the best walking shoes specifically created for overweight women.

The Effects of Excessive Weight on Legs and Feet When Walking

Our feet not only carry the whole weight of the body but they also absorb ground impact. And when overweight, the feet have to work more to support the additional stress experienced by the body tissues. This is how obesity has an adverse impact on our joints, legs, and feet.

The connective tissues tend to stretch out while the fat pads compress down further. This pushes the muscles to keep functioning by subjecting them to work harder. And it doesn’t just end here. The condition can also affect the hips and knees along with the ankles, which opens up the door to severe health issues.

You should also know that reaching the feet when obese is not at all an easy job. And that is why overweight men and women choose slip-on versions over traditional shoes. While the former may be easy to wear and remove, they don’t provide the right kind of support.

The goal is to make the task of walking comfortable and tad effortless. Failing to do so might create more problems. As a result of which, even standing, let alone walking, will feel like a painful activity. And once this happens, you’ll end up putting on a few more extra pounds.

How to Choose the Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Women?

best walking shoes for overweight women


The fit is the most important aspect here. A proper fit prevents the formation of blisters, muscle and foot pain, battered toenails, and muscle cramps.

The best women’s walking shoes should have the ability to support movements right from the heel to the toe. These types of shoes are created to help overweight women shed some pounds while also keeping their feet healthy.

So keep in mind that you need to select a pair that offers a secure fit in the heel and the toe areas. This gives you enough space to easily move or flex your foot.

What are the Important Features of Walking Shoes for Overweight Women?

  • Abundant padding or cushioning.
  • Breathable and lightweight construction.
  • ​Flexible uppers with a wider fit.
  • ​Excellent motion control capacity for better stability.
  • ​Sufficient arch support and maximum shock absorption.
  • Thick, durable outsoles.


Being overweight is something to worry about, but it’s not a condition you can’t change. And that’s the best part. Gaining extra pounds doesn’t mean that you can’t lose them at the same time. Walking and jogging are activities that can help you achieve that. But you will only be able to do them with the right kind of footwear. Otherwise, you’re just inviting more trouble.

This means that you should invest in a pair of the best walking shoes for overweight women. One such top quality product is the Skechers Sport Women’s D’Lites Original Non-Memory Foam Lace-Up Sneakers.

They come with adequately cushioned insoles to provide your feet with all the comfort they need during walking. The midsoles of these shoes offer an excellent shock absorbent capacity. So you don’t need to worry about performing physical activities despite being overweight. And the best part is that the shoes distribute all the weight evenly. This means no pain, only gain, right?

Features like rubber traction outsoles and mesh uppers contribute to providing stability, breathability, and durability. So there’s nothing that can go wrong if you decide to wear the Skechers shoes for walking daily.

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