Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

So let's dive right in and talk about the best walking shoes for flat feet. For whatever reason you walk, it's always hard to say goodbye to a good pair of walking shoes, isn't it? But most of you have the opposite reaction when you have a debilitated pair. You just want to get rid of those shoes as soon as possible. So if you're at the juncture, you might need our help finding the perfect pair.

Proper shoes for flat feet require arch support, raised insoles, and a unique shoe design. Do you know of any such pair? If not, then we've got some for you. And if you do, the ones we’ve got in store for you are nothing compared to the ones you know.

Quick Comparison: Top 7 Walking Shoes for Flat Feet 

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best walking shoes for flat feet

Finding Shoes That Support Your Flat Feet

Walking is an essential part of a person's lifestyle. It's healthy and energizing. So when buying any one of these seven picks, just think how important it is to wear adequate shoes for your flat feet.

Having said that, let's review the most flexible, supportive, and durable shoes to buy.

1. Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion Walking Shoe - Best All-Round Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

Reebok Men's Work N Cushion Walking Shoe,Black,13 4E US

The Reebok Work N Cushion offers sturdy and durable material strength. You can use them for over a year without facing any issues. That's a certainty. When you've been on the wrong side of walking shoes, you know what's better in terms of fit. So you wouldn't mind breaking a brand-new pair in for a couple of days, right?

These best walking shoes for flat feet don't mind the trial. They vow to keep your feet happy and comfortable, whether you're walking on sod or concrete. At a low cost, you get superior comfort and exertion. Having said that, these shoes provide moderate cushioning required for flat feet. And this level of cushioning also provides pain relief from pronation.

For people with flat feet, these shoes do demand a break-in period. But that shouldn't be a problem for most of you considering its exceptional features.

We Like

  • Incredible arch support.
  • The rubber soles feel very comfortable.

We Don't Like

  • These shoes come with a break-in period.

2. ASICS Women’s GEL-Contend 3 Running Shoe - Most Comfortable and Supportive Walking Shoes for Women

	 ASICS Women's Gel-Contend 3 Running Shoe, Steel Grey/Safety Yellow/Hot Pink, 10 M US

Do you appeal most to practical and valuable features? The synthetic build and rubber sole of these walking shoes will keep you lighten your burden. Flat feet cause an enormous amount of discomfort unless you wear the right kind of shoes. These are a great pair of both walking and running shoes. Only they demand a break-in period.

If you have collapsed arches, running shoes that double as walking shoes may not appeal to you that much. We get it. But think about how well-cushioned and supportive these shoes are. They also offer therapeutic benefits for people with back and leg pain due to flat feet.

These best walking shoes for flat feet are ready for excellent outdoor performance. You can wear these when you're going for a long walk in the woods, or you're heading to the supermarket and back.

Even though these are running shoes, they do not support such a workout. They're perfect for walking more than running.

We Like

  • They offer pain-relief measures for flat feet.
  • Very supportive and comfortable to wear.

We Don't Like

  • These are not great running shoes.

My Feet Are my Conquerors

3. New Balance Men’s Mw928v2 Walking Shoe - Best Performance Walking Shoes for People with Overpronation

New Balance Men's MW928V2 Walking Shoe, White/White, 10.5 2E US

These are serious walking shoes for flat feet. When you're walking on a rugged trail, you need shoes that offer incredible arch and ankle support. The New Balance Mw928v2 sets its mark by the leather material and durable rubber sole. It even features a full-grain leather upper for sufficient breathability.

These shoes are designed to impress. Features like a collar foam and compression-molded EVA reduce symptoms of flat feet. Having said that, you will have no issues wearing these best walking shoes for flat feet in the summer.

They might look too bulky and thick, but they aren't. These shoes keep your feet dry and sweat-free for as long as you wear them.

What you need for flat foot support is stability and motion control, especially those suffering from overpronation. So it feels right to say that these shoes offer painless and comfortable benefits.

Be that as it may, the only disappointing factor is the tight fit. These might feel little or too tight based on your shoe size around the heels and arch.

We Like

  • They offer orthopedic support for severe flat feet problems.
  • Comfortable and breathable even after long hours of use.

We Don't Like

  • The shoes offer a tight fit.

4. Saucony Women’s Grid Omni Walker Walking Shoe - Best Advanced and Precision-Driven Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

Saucony Women's Grid Omni Walker Walking Shoe,Black,8 M

A high-tech shoe to be precise, the Saucony Grid Omni Walker is a must-have. They are, without a doubt, the best walking shoes for flat feet. Everybody loves to walk, but stiff and inflexible shoes take away all the fun from it. With these cleverly-designed shoes, you can squeeze in more outdoor time.

These athletic shoes feature a patented Grid system technology that supports your feet. It meets all expectations regarding cushioning and comfort. Moving forward, we also love the way these shoes feel against the skin.

All thanks to the HRC cushioning construction. It keeps your feet stable and dry, as it should be. The midfoot support bridge offers incredible shock absorption capabilities. And the molded EVA midsoles help ease stiffness and pain.

But these shoes might require extra support under the footbed. It lacks optimal support for collapsed arches that pronate.

We Like

  • It consists of a durable outsole and heel zone to reduce pain.
  • Incredible traction and mobility control.

We Don't Like

  • Lacks proper support for flat feet that pronate.

5. ASICS Men’s GEL-Foundation Workplace Walking Shoe - Most Stable and Supportive Walking Shoes for Concrete-Like Surfaces

ASICS Men's Gel-Foundation Workplace Walking Shoe,Dark Brown/Black,11.5 M US

The ASICS GEL-Foundation Workplace feels like it's made for you alone. If you have foot problems, other than flat feet, these will work for you well. They offer incredible support, cushioning, and durability. And these best walking shoes for flat feet are specially made for hard surfaces. As you already know, walking with flat feet and concrete-like surfaces don't get along so good.

Fatigue, tiredness, and soreness are all possible outcomes of that relationship. So the orthotic inserts, synthetic uppers, and dual foam memory offer incredible benefits.

These shoes even offer moisture-wicking properties. All thanks to the ortholite sockliner. They also feature shock absorbing properties with gel cushioning. Shock absorption is most necessary when you're walking for longer hours on concrete. It helps reduce impact pressure and blow each step you take.

Apart from the personal heel fit and support system, these shoes lack durability. The rubber design around the edges of the shoe is susceptible to tear.

We Like

  • Suitable for walking on harder surfaces.
  • They come with orthotic inserts for proper comfort and support.

We Don't Like

  • Lack long-lasting durability.

ASICS: the Preferred Shoe of Elite Triathletes

6. New Balance Men’s M1540V2 Optimum Control Run Running Shoe - Good Performance Shoes for Speed Walking

New Balance Men's M1540V2 Optimum Control Running Shoe, Black, 10.5 4E US

The New Balance M1540V2 vow to take you everywhere. They look sporty, offer comfort all day long, and are super supportive for flat feet. It's the perfect motion control walking shoe with durable mesh support and synthetic. The best part about these best walking shoes for flat feet is the Roll Bar support system.

In combination with the mesh tongue and precision-driven support, these shoes feel sublime. Your feet will thank you for such incredible performance. The polyurethane insert and collar foam work well together to keep out the sweat. Not to mention, the dual density collar foam makes all the difference for arch support.

In case you think of increasing your pace, these are perfect running shoes. Comfortable, stable, and in control, nothing beats the kind of support it has to offer. That said, endurance running is something most people with flat feet are afraid of. And we get why that is. But with these balance shoes, you can ditch the hesitation and start running.

The only downside is that they lack heel cushioning features.

We Like

  • The ideal motion control shoe for flat feet.
  • The insides of the shoe are soft yet firm enough to support the arch.

We Don't Like

  • Poor heel support.


7. ASICS Women’s GT-1000 5 Running Shoe - Best Casual Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

ASICS Women's Gt-1000 5 Running Shoe, Indigo Blue/White/Safety Yellow, 8.5 M US

You will love these shoes for as long as you walk. If you've had surgery, these will also help you deal with the pain. The ASICS GT-1000 5 makes it entirely possible to walk with flat feet. They offer a comfortable grip, supportive inside, and a durable upper. Designed for the athlete in mind, these are the best walking shoes for flat feet.

Since people with flat feet demand low to moderate level of cushioning, these work. It offers support in combination with stability and lightweight cushioning. It even provides a firm heel and ankle foam that helps with reducing pronation pain.

Shock absorption and comfort are its strongest suits. And the forefoot and heel regions get the breathable mesh panel support.

But with more padding, these walking shoes would have been perfect. Particularly for people with flat feet problems.

We Like

  • Plenty of motion control and stability.
  • Easy to clean and maintain for a long time.

We Don't Like

  • Insufficient padding.

The ASICS GT Series™ Reborn

Do You Need New Walking Shoes For Flat Feet?

best walking shoes for flat feet

Flat feet, as most of you know, are a medical condition. If you have flat feet, you have collapsed arches. It's not a major problem, just that people with flat feet lose their ability to form arches. It can also be the cause when the muscles lose ability to take care of arches.

So with such weak feet muscles, you need proper support and cushioning. When your feet are unable to maintain arches, it's time you relied on a good pair of shoes for the same.

Because walking for long periods can be a challenge for people with flat feet. Putting on regular shoes or sports shoes for walking does more harm than good. It causes pronation which is a painful lower arch.

How to Know If You Have Flat Feet?

The Many Benefits of Wearing Proper Shoes

best walking shoes for flat feet

Did you know a foot consists of 26 bones and 33 joints? All connected with over a 100 muscles. These tendons and ligaments also constitute as the arch of your foot, including the muscles.

Natural arch support assists with regular body movements. So if the arch is missing, you need something in place of it to support the springiness of your body. With it, your feet's natural curvature is compromised, and you're most likely to injure. Any shoes that offer a cushioned support are deemed useless for flat feet. That's a certainty.

best walking shoes for flat feet

So let's look at why you need special walking shoes for flat feet.


If your walking shoes have raised or higher insoles, that's a good thing. Because with such insoles, you allow the middle part of the foot to rest at a higher angle.

This ensures proper ankle and foot support. But the insoles of each pair are different as are the level of arch support each person. To find walking shoes with the right insoles fit, looking at the size of each pair is necessary.

Arch Support

Flat feet are painless unless your walking shoes lack arch support. You don't want your ankles to be stiff and pressurized with a flat arch design. That's why particular walking shoes offer many kinds of arch support features. They include shock absorption, heel support, and arch curvature. This way the collapsed arch feels more comforted and less painful from walking too long.

Motion Control

Motion control is a crucial feature that some walking shoes offer. It's for people who have serious flat feet problems such as overpronation. That's when pain and discomfort becomes a constant companion.

With motion control, you can support your ankles and reduce pain to enhance foot movement. During overpronation, your ankles, feet, and leg pain consistently. That's what motion control works on reducing.


The last benefit of walking shoes for flat feet is stability. Such a feature is the dense foam padding inside the arch of the foot through the heel. This ensures proper foot movement, balance, and control.

Now you won't find yourself slipping or falling abruptly on uneven terrain. Overpronation is a dangerous condition of the foot. And such stability helps reduce the symptoms of it unless you opt for basic sports shoes.

Any Key Considerations to Look for?

To sum up, what we discussed above, you need your walking shoes to support your flat feet in the following ways:

  • They must offer shock absorbing properties.
  • The arch and ankle support should be plenty.
  • ​Raised insoles and a stabilizing heel are essential.
  • ​For people with severe flat feet problems, motion control and stability are important.
  • A lightweight, but durable shoe design helps improve balance.
  • For grip and mobility on rough terrain, they should provide a low-profile design with rubber soles.


It's fair to say you rely on your feet more than anything else to support your movements and take you places, right? Activities like walking, jogging, and running demand proper footwear for grip and flexibility. Can you imagine walking in shoes that restrict right ankle movement? If so, you need to get out of those dreadful shoes right away.

We've rounded up the most comfortable and efficient walking shoes for flat feet. Shoes with the best build materials and insoles, we found the best of the best - the Reebok Work N Cushion. It protects your flat feet so you can painlessly walk to wherever you want to go. It keeps sore ankles and heels at bay on the days you wish to go for a long walk.

Having said that, we've discussed every possible highlight of the best walking shoes for flat feet. And if you've reached this far, then you know it all too. So it's time to get a solid grip on your flat feet and hit the road in the best walking shoes.





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