Best Socks For Sweaty Feet (Mar. 2017) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

How do you find the best socks for sweaty feet? There are a couple of factors to consider before you rely on a pair of socks to make sure you're on the right track. The most important component of any sweat-defensive sock is its material. Whether it's nylon, cotton, wool, or any other fiber will determine its potentiality.

Moving forward, as long as you have sweaty feet, consider buying antibacterial socks. These include socks made of a more breathable fabric with an anti-odor effect.

Buying the right pair of socks for sweaty feet can be challenging, but we're here to make it simple for you.

Let us do most of the hard work and bring to you socks that aren't clingy to sweat and don't cause humidity. Anything that drives germs and bacteria away from your feet is a good thing. That's why you need a more disinfected pair of socks for recurring sweaty feet.

Quick Comparison: Top 7 Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

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best socks for sweaty feet


The Socks You Need For Sweaty Feet

Are your traditional socks not suitable for sweaty feet? It's time to upgrade to the best socks for sweaty feet featuring a more breathable fabric. There are many brands out there boasting of properties that drive sweat and heat away. But it's naive to think that all fit the bill in this case.

You may find it surprising that more than half of the sock brands out there offer defensive features. But to know what's safe for your sweaty feet requires a different approach to testing. That's what we're here for!

We found brands that do an effective job at handling and tackling sweaty feet troubles. This includes keeping your feet cool and dry, repelling humidity, and absorbing sweat. They also fight against bacteria formation and strong odors.

What more do you need? Most people are reluctant to change into different socks. But considering the benefits of our picks, you won't be able to hold yourself back.

1. Men’s - Women’s Thin Padded Running Low-Cut Socks - They Offer Incredible Cooling Ability and Flexibility for Daily Use

Thorlo Unisex Experia CoolMax Mini Crew Sock, White/Black, Small/ Men's 6-8 Ladies 7-9

If you want something to withstand everyday use, these socks will fit you the best. You can tread through extreme hot and cold climates without any difficulty. Moreover, they can endure extended periods of use without inducing severe odors. Crafted for people who run, cycle, and hike on a daily basis and want minimal food discomfort.

This includes no sweating, no heat buildup, and optimal air circulation. The heel pattern and light design of these socks make it one of the socks for sweaty feet. If you experience chaffing, that's more reason why you need socks to offer pad protection. Moreover, the sock flexibility bodes well with keeping your feet cool all day.

From the dryness to smell factor, the ThorloExperia is a valuable buy for most people. It dries faster than higher-grade socks, it's washable, and offers a thinner construction. This helps with ventilation.

The only problem we faced with these is the durability factor. Even though these socks can last long, the thin material falls behind for ruggedness.

We Like

  • These are the best socks for traveling long distances by foot.
  • Their cooling ability is on point.

We Don't Like

  • They are less durable.

2. Wigwam Men’s At Work DuraSole Work 2-Pack Crew Length Work Sock - Best for People with Dry and Sweaty Feet

Wigwam Men's At Work DuraSole Work 2-Pack Crew Length Work Sock, White/Grey, Large

Even though the Wigwam is our last pick on the list, it's one of the best socks for sweaty feet. It is a heavy-duty sock with comfortable padding and breathable fabric. It also comes with a cushioned leg and sole design. It keeps your feet away from blisters, odor, and dryness.

If you suffer from dry and sweaty feet, it's always challenging to find what works for you. But not anymore. With these socks, you can stay well and away from excessive dryness while reducing sweat.

Many factors make the Wigwam perfect. Another one of them is the seamless toe construction. It feels soft and well-padded for extra protection.

Even though these socks are machine washable, they do shrink after use. You need to make sure that these socks aren't washed as much as your regular socks.

We Like

  • These are heavy-duty socks.
  • The seamless fabric feels very comfortable to walk around in.

We Don't Like

  • They shrink after a couple of machine washes.

Wigwam Craftsmanship

3. FUN TOES Men’s Merino Wool Socks - Great for Absorbing and Defending Against Sweat

FUN TOES Men's Merino Wool Socks -6 Pack Value- Lightweight,Reinforced-Size 8-12 (2 Black, 2 Blue, 2 Green)

These socks are better than most because of its lighter and durable fabric. We found lots of buyers looking for a tight, but breathable fit. Something that they can wear all day without suffering from sweating and humidity.

The fact is that the more you wash your cotton socks, the warmer they feel. This indicates that cotton is not the ideal sweat-defensive fabric you'd want to buy.

So, we found that these best socks for sweaty feet don't bear shrinkage at all. You can wash them as much as you want; at least a few times a few to maintain its fabric strength. And they'll still remain soft and comfortable to wear for longer hours.

They also offer arch support and reinforced soles that make it a durable pick on the list. But we did not like the way these socks aren't as lightweight as advertised. This is to say that these socks feel featherweight and supple for everyday wear.

We Like

  • It features strong sweat-management features.
  • The material strength is very durable and well-rounded.

We Don't Like

  • It isn't as lightweight as advertised.

4. Drymax Run Hyper Thin Mini Crew Socks - One of the Most Durable and Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

Drymax Run Hyper Thin Mini Crew Socks, Black, Large (W10-12 / M8.5-10.5)

Most likely that you won't find a more durable and thick-skinned pair of socks than these. The Drymax Run offers an exclusive dual layer moisture removal system. This keeps your feet dry and comfortable all day long. Whether you're treading in the monsoon season or taking a dip in a puddle. They fight against moisture, sweat, and humidity in the most efficient manner.

For the extra peace of mind, it comes with an outer absorbent layer to absorb sweat and wick away moisture. This prevents odor and bacteria formation. With the help of the dense padding, you can now feel your toes and heel relax, without affecting the shoes.

Sweaty feet are one of the leading causes of smelly feet. You don't want to walk around in socks that don't help relieve such discomfort. That's why the Drymax Run is so good for people recurring with sweaty feet.

We found that these socks don't stand up against debris, in case it happens to get inside your shoe.

We Like

  • The thick padding feels comfortable and durable to wear.
  • It fights against moisture to avoid odor and bacteria formation.

We Don't Like

  • It feels a little tight to wear at first.
  • It's sensitive to debris and dust.

Drymax Socks Dryness Demonstration

5. Dickies Men’s 6 Pack Dri-Tech Comfort Crew Socks - The Most Comfortable Socks to Wear Outdoors

Dickies Men's 6 Pack Dri-Tech Comfort Crew Socks - Big & Tall, Black/Grey, 13-15 Sock/12-15 Shoe

If you're tired of always finding your feet sweaty after you remove your socks, it's time to change. The DickiesDri-Tech Socks features a moisture-wicking fiber build. It even offers ideal ventilation channels for circulation.

They're lightweight and breathable, thanks to the cotton, polymer, lycra, and nylon composition. They feel and look like regular socks, but they offer better performance than the rest.

The most important thing about best socks for sweaty feet is that they provide a cool and dry environment. Unlike regular socks that usually warm up after prolonged use, these socks help keep your feet dry. Hence, they drive away humidity, heat, and moisture.

The Dickies does a great job for people with a chronic sweating problem. It controls the moisture, and the arch compression feels comfortable.

The only problem with these socks is that they slip out if you're wearing slippers and you move around a lot. This can be a little frustrating if you would prefer wearing them at home.

We Like

  • They're perfect non-sweat socks for people who move around a lot.
  • The air-circulating ventilation channels keep the feet fresh and dry.

We Don't Like

  • They slide off the feet very fast.

6. Thorlo Running Thick Cushion Mini-Crew Running Socks - One of the Best Socks for Runners and Hikers

Thorlos Mens Running Thick Padded Ankle - Low Cut Socks JMX, White/Platinum, Medium (Shoe Size 5.5-8.5)

Sometimes the socks you wear tend to go off balance, especially while running. You want something that's at par with your body form as well as speed. That means proper air circulation and stability. That's what the Thorlo socks have to offer. They edge out the competition on their strength, price, and performance.

Constructed for superior softness, these socks feel light to move around in. Apart from the usual, they reduce foot pain and protect against blisters. They last for a very long time. And they are ideal for people with an active lifestyle. Plus, they offer that natural cushioning support your heel needs for intense activity.

The one thing we found distasteful about the Thorlo socks is their usability. They fit only runners, hikers, and alike. They aren't suitable for those who wish to wear-at-home socks for healing sweaty feet.

We Like

  • It offers minimal discomfort.
  • The padding is water-resistant and very durable.

We Don't Like

  • These aren't ideal for home use.

The Design of Thorlos Padded Running Socks

7. PowerSox Men’s Coolmax Crew 3 Pack - The Best Pair for Hot and Humid Climates

PowerSox Men's Coolmax Crew 3 Pack, Black, Shoe Size 9-12.5

The PowerSox feature an impressive combination of nylon, cotton, polyester, and lycra. They're ideal for moisture management, thanks to the light and breathable fabric. It's perfect seasons when people with sweaty feet struggle most with cotton socks.

If you're looking for a more hygienic alternative to sweat-absorbent socks, go for it. You can wear them all day and night. They come with incredibly durable elastic, so foot fatigue and tiredness is out of the question. It offers enough padding which has an advantage. The compression support is also very reliable for a comfortable fit.

You might think that the elastic on these socks are a bit too thin for complete support. They look and feel a tad bit delicate. And this can be a deal-breaker for some buyers out there.

We Like

  • The material feels very comfortable and supportive.
  • It features a professional compression fit.

We Don't Like

  • The elastic band supporting the socks is thinner than it should be.

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

best socks for sweaty feet


Having sweaty feet is a very natural, but an embarrassing phenomenon for many. People with sweaty feet usually confide in moisture-wicking socks and shoes for healing.

Did you know having sweaty feet might lead to stinky feet unless you bought the right pair of socks? That's right. There are a variety of satisfying socks, specially designed for sweaty feet, you can wear all day.

All you have to do is find out the best sweat-absorbent sock material for you that reduces heat buildup. Also, you'd want something that is lighter and softer to avoid feet blisters and rashes.

Before we move any further, one thing we wouldn't want you to do is to buy synthetic socks for sweaty feet. They do not absorb moisture, and they're not ideal for sweat evaporation. In fact, they generate more sweat and heat, even more so if they're a tight fit.

How do Socks Help?

Anything can incite sweaty feet from weather change to allergies. But the long-term solution would be to upgrade to something more therapeutic. To combat sweaty feet, you need something that boasts of a distinct combination of fiber and wool. We found out that even bamboo fiber materials are very useful for reducing sweat and heat.

Let's face it, as much as you try to wipe away that sweat or wash your feet several times a day; you'd still sweat. The worst thing you can do is buy 100% cotton or 100% nylon socks for sweaty feet. The former does absorb moisture but isn't any good for driving the sweat away. And the latter will make matters worse as it's not sweat-defensive.

Cotton socks once moist due to sweat absorption stay that way causing bacteria. The kind of bacteria that thrives on sweat or moisture causes rashes and infections. And all this aggravates more sweating and heat buildup. We recommend you to buy socks with proper ventilation and soft lining. This'll repel moisture, keep your feet cool and dry, and is more breathable than typical socks.

That said, you want something fine-grained and breathable to suit your sweaty feet. You can feel more comfortable for longer journeys and reduce the chances of injury.

What Causes Sweaty Feet?

best socks for sweaty feet


Determining what causes sweaty feet is not as easy as it sounds. There are many reasons why your feet sweat. And to know what to buy; it's important to make sure you know the cause. So let's dive right in.

  • Weather Change

This is the most common cause for sweaty feet. It doesn't matter if it's getting warm or cold, your sensitive feet have to adapt to the changing weather. And this is also a cause of foot odor and heat accumulation, which is a symptom of sweaty feet.

Another very common condition related to sweaty feet is temperature change. It happens when you step into a warmer space from a colder environment and vice versa. This leads to perspiration where your feet work hard to adjust to the new temperature.

  • Shoes

It may be that your shoes are the cause of your feet sweating more often when you're outdoors. Some shoes are so wound-up that they don't allow air in and out to get rid of heat and odor. This can lead to sweaty feet almost immediately. (How to keep your feet from sweating in shoes)

Other causes of sweaty feet include medical problems, diabetes, allergies, and stress.

How to Treat Severe Sweating of the Feet?


For this guide, we looked at all types of socks to hunt down those that were the best socks for sweaty feet. One of the leading causes of sweating feet can be wearing the wrong kind of footwear. This includes socks and shoes.

Moreover, sweating of any kind, generally originating from the top layer of the skin, leads to bad odor. You can also use antimicrobial soaps, powders, and medication for sweaty feet. Coupled with these measures, wearing healing socks can have a positive impact.

Buying the right kind of socks is tiring. Plus, trusting what's published online can be a bit tricky, to begin with. That said, if you quickly want to know what to get, the Dickies 6 Pack Dri-Tech Socks won't embarrass you anymore. It's possible to wear breathable and clean socks during the day to repel sweat away for good.

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