What Are The Best Shoes For Male Nurses: 5 Popular Choices

When it comes to work, everybody needs a pair of comfortable shoes that they can wear and walk around in all day without any pain or discomfort. And as we all know that working for long hours in the wrong pair of shoes can cause leg pain, arch pain, and most importantly, back pain. And whatever you do, you don’t want back pain because that can prove to be fatal in the long run.

Now let’s get straight to the point; working in a great pair of shoes is essential for someone who’s going to be on his or her feet all day, working back-to-back shifts without resting them even for a few hours. Here I’m talking about nurses.

There’s nobody else out there who needs to wear not only high-quality but also super comfortable shoes to work than nurses. So the best shoes for male nurses are created to provide that comfort while they, the nurses, work hard day in and day out to help others feel better.

Quick Comparison: Top 5 Best Shoes for Male Nurses

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What Makes Nursing Shoes Different?

Sloggers Men's Premium Garden Clog with Premium Insole, Black, Mn's sz 11 - Style 261BK11

Let me make it clear that nursing shoes are not just running or walking shoes that you find in abundance on the market. They are so much more than that. The best shoes have an extremely lightweight design so walking in them all day is possible and comfortable.

I’m sure you know what it feels like to remove your shoes at the end of a long, tiring day. Multiply that feeling by at least 5 times when it comes to nurses.

The material used for the construction of nursing shoes significantly contributes in protecting them from spills and other possible damage. The best part about nursing shoes is that they have soles that are specifically created to place the foot in a stable position, especially over slippery surfaces.

The soles are also responsible for lowering the pressure and stress levels in the knees as well as the spinal cord. Without the addition of ties or laces, nursing shoes are quite conveniently designed to be easily slipped on.

Why Wear Nursing Shoes?

Skechers USA Men's Superior Kane Mule, Dark Brown, 10 M US

The thing about nursing shoes, as opposed to basic tennis shoes that some nurses actually prefer to wear, is that they provide optimal comfort and safety along with a polished physical appearance. Because looking professional is important too, right?

Many nurses have a knack for trying different kinds of nursing shoes before they make that valuable purchase. And this shows just how subjective their choices can be. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration while buying the best shoes. So the feature that’s great for a nurse with small feet might not be such a deciding factor for the one with large feet.

Apart from looking professional, nursing shoes also provide exceptional slip-resistant quality. Wet floors are a commonplace in hospitals and clinics, so you don’t want to be falling down and injuring your back all the time, right?

In short, imagine working for 12 hours a day! And more often than not, that number doubles up when nurses do extra shifts. With so many hours of walking and running around, why wouldn’t one want to wear nursing shoes on the feet all day!

Walking a Mile in a Nurse's Shoes:

What to Look for in the Best Nursing Shoes for Men?

1. Stable groundwork

What’s more stable than a phenomenal combination of balance and support! Nursing shoes are built in such a way so as to provide your feet with maximum balance and support that is needed to help you with going about your long shifts quite comfortably. Doing what you do, it’s very important to ensure that your feet are well protected and healthy, despite your 24-hour long shift. With the addition of tailored features, nursing shoes provide an ideally stable groundwork from ankle to toe.

2. Padding

This particular feature is one of the most important factors to take into account while buying the best shoes for nurses men. Because without padding, the whole comfort factor gets eliminated. The types of material, construction of the heel and toe box along with arch support are the elements in the shoes that provide that much-needed padding and comfort to your precious feet.

LaForst Women's Rachel Slip Resistant Comfort Fashion Slip On Patent Clog (9 B(M) US, White/White)

3. Slip-resistant outsoles

As mentioned earlier, it is highly imperative that you choose nursing shoes equipped with stable slip-resistant outsoles. Doesn’t matter if the floor is wet or dry, these kinds of outsoles allow you to walk and run around harmlessly. The materials that offer such a quality are rubber, synthetic, and even polyurethane. They are all equally remarkable when it comes to anti-slippery movement.

4. Ventilation

Imagine wearing and running around in the same pair of shoes for as long as 12 hours! Bad odor and sweat are the two unpleasant outcomes that come to mind, don’t they? But, nevertheless, let’s keep hygiene and the fact that you might end up with an athlete’s foot due to sweaty and smelly feet aside and think about ventilation from another perspective.

Forget about what poor ventilation can cause, instead, let’s think about what in can help increase and make worse; conditions like burning feet due to diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, heel spurs, and plantar fasciitis to name a few.

So if you’re suffering from any of these disorders or conditions, chances are that you might make them worse if you don’t wear nursing shoes with maximum ventilation.

5. Removable insoles

What if you select the best nursing shoes that do provide optimal ventilation, padding, and comfort and yet your damaged or injured foot doesn’t feel comfortable in it? What will you do then? Buy another pair, obviously. So let me stop you right there. Before you spend that money on buying a whole new pair, consider using orthopedic insoles. They are created to provide the required cushioning and comfort that your foot needs when it’s struck down by any foot ailment.

Powerstep Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles Original, Blue/Black, Men's 9-9.5, Women's 11-11.5

So the best thing you can do is buy nursing shoes that have removable insoles so you can fit in these orthopedic insoles whenever you like. The standard insoles that come with some of the best nursing shoes sometimes don’t provide that additional arch supports your damaged or injured foot needs. So make up for that with orthopedic insoles.

Top 5 Best Shoes for Male Nurses

Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Pro Grip Slip-Resistant Work Shoe

Merrell Men's Jungle Moc Pro Grip Slip-Resistant Work Shoe,Black,10 M US

As its name suggests, the Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Work Shoes are slip-resistant and have a pair of pretty remarkable Pro Grip outsoles. The former quality is even more highlighted by the fact that these best shoes for nurses are completely waterproof. While the latter is made possible by the use of exclusive Sure Grip rubber that does the job of providing an exceptional grip as well as eliminating the possibility of slipping on wet surfaces.

The Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Work Shoes are lightweight, which means you can wear them to keep your feet comfortable all day. They have a pretty simple and basic design. I really admire this feature considering how easy it is to clean such simplistic nursing shoes. Also, the basic design means no complicated elements used in construction, which means very fewer chances of the nursing shoes wearing out quickly.

We Like

  • Slip-on design.
  • Non-skid bottom.
  • The shoes reduce the pain caused in the feet due to working for longer hours.
  • Not too wide, not too narrow (suitable for all kinds of feet).

We Don't Like

  • Soles are a tad curved instead of being flat.
  • Rough and heavy on the feet.

Dansko Men’s Pro XP Mule

Dansko Men's Pro XP Mule, Black Cabrio, 44 EU/10.5-11 M US

It feels as if a nurse designed the Dansko Men’s Pro XP Mule because each and every feature found in this shoe has been put in place so carefully that walking and running around in them all day doesn’t seem like a painful or uncomfortable experience. These shoes have a polished professional look that contributes to their unique design. Nursing shoes with memory foam plus removable insoles are always a great idea, given the level of comfort they have to offer.

Keeping practicality in mind, the best nursing shoes should have slip-resistant outsoles along with a footbed that is armed with maximum cushioning. This way, your feet can move about safely on wet floors and your arch gets excellent support. One of the most striking parts about the Dansko Men’s Pro XP Mule is the wide toe box. This can really help you with moving your toes inside the toe box freely, especially when your foot is struck down by any foot ailment.

We Like

  • The structured heel offers additional balance.
  • Lightweight.
  • Provide great ankle support.
  • Rugged design.

We Don't Like

  • There is a break in period.
  • Minimum physical resistance.

MOZO Men’s Sharkz Slip Resistant Work Shoe

MOZO Men's Sharkz Slip Resistant Work Shoe,Black,10 M US

If it’s important to you to find a pair of the best nursing shoes constructed with a strong and durable combination of synthetic leather for the upper and rubber for the sole, the MOZO Men’s Sharkz Slip Resistant Work Shoe might be an ideal choice for you. This combination ensures that your shoes are both oil as well as slip-resistant.

With the addition of merely 1 inch in height, your feet will gain the required lift they need in order to eliminate the possibility of any heel pain after long hours of work. This added lift also ensures that your ligaments don’t overwork themselves when you’re doing that double or triple shift. The MOZO Men’s Sharkz Slip Resistant Work Shoes are equipped with remarkable dual goring along the sides. This is really useful when you want to obtain some flexibility along with maximum support.

To make the whole experience even better, these shoes come with phenomenal and practical gel-cushioned removable insoles. So you can make use of orthopedic insoles if your foot has been through some grave damage or injury.

We Like

  • The soles provide maximum grip on slippery surfaces.
  • Breathability is fantastic.
  • Easy to get on and off.
  • Additional insoles.

We Don't Like

  • Stitching of the shoes is susceptible to early damage.
  • Not suitable for wider feet.

Under Armour Men’s Micro G Assert 6 Running Shoe

Under Armour Men's UA Micro G® Assert 6 Running Shoes 10 Black

Since when did running shoes become the best shoes for male nurses? Since the creation of the Under Armour Men’s Micro G Assert 6 Running Shoe. A little out of the ordinary, these shoes also have a pretty phenomenal combination of synthetic leather for the upper and rubber for the sole. That means, “Hello slippery surfaces, you can’t win this time!”

The Under Armour Men’s Micro G Assert 6 Running Shoes have a useful layer of soft mesh, which is excellent because that provides enhanced support along with breathability to the feet. So if you’re worried about your feet smelling bad after being enclosed in those shoes for over 12 hours, then there’s absolutely no reason to worry. Another great feature is the company’s exclusive Micro G foam, which can help you make both landings and taking off on those feet a pleasant and bouncy experience, despite working for longer hours.

We Like

  • Extremely lightweight.
  • The foam creates a firm, supportive cushion.
  • Perfect for those who suffer from knee and joint pain.
  • Excellent ventilation.

We Don't Like

  • Slightly narrow in construction.
  • Lacks optimal arch support.

K-SWISS Men’s Grancourt II Tennis Shoe

K-Swiss Men's Grancourt II Tennis Shoe,Black/Castle Gray,9.5 XW US

Tennis shoes are considered to be one of the best nursing shoes for men, but the K-SWISS Men’s Grancourt II Tennis Shoes, in particular, are the most preferred from the lot. Since they are tennis shoes, the amount of physical resistance along with stability that the wearer achieves with these shoes are incomparable. They are constructed with a padded heel collar and a padded tongue. These two features come in handy when your feet need that additional comfort after toiling away for more than half a day.

Breathable lining in tennis shoes, or in this case nursing shoes, is always an exceptional advantage. That’s because it ensures that your feet are kept sweat-free even when you don’t remove your shoes for a really long time.

The unique shock spring technology used to design the shoes can prove to be beneficial for obvious reasons. But why would I mention it if the reasons were so obvious? This phenomenal shock spring technology not only protects your feet from possible damage or injury at work but also provides that ultimate care and resistance your foot needs in case of any foot ailment.

We Like

  • Excellent quality.
  • Suitable for wider feet.
  • Plenty of padding.
  • Offer remarkable support without being excessively stiff.

We Don't Like

  • The firm sole makes a screeching sound when you’re on the go.
  • A tad heavy.

What is It going to be then?

The time when you used to remove your nursing shoes and feel like your feet no longer exist after the end of a long, tiring day at the clinic or the hospital is long gone. With an outstanding grip and overall comfort, the best shoes for male nurses on our list ensure that they offer not only comfort but also flexibility. And the one nursing shoe that beats the rest, which is also my personal favorite, is the K-SWISS Men's Grancourt II Tennis Shoe.

K-SWISS Men's Grancourt II Tennis Shoe is created to make all those nurses, who work so hard throughout the day and the night, feel comfortable by providing a remarkable support. So they don’t need to worry about any pain or damage coming their way, even when their feet are down with any foot ailment.

Besides, the Dansko Men's Pro XP Mule is also the right choice. Talking about foot ailments, these shoes have removable insoles that give way to custom orthotics. Supplied with slip-resistant outsoles to avoid slipping on wet or oily surfaces and a decent heel, so your feet are slightly elevated to prevent any heel pain, the K-SWISS Men's Grancourt II Tennis Shoe has everything a nurse looks for in a nursing shoe.


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