Best Shoes For Jazzercise Reviews – Buyer’s Guide of 2017


When it comes to buying the best shoes for Jazzercise, you might get confused with plenty of options. So the task of selecting a pair suitable for your needs and requirements can be a tad difficult. That’s where we come into the picture.

The decision that you make will have an enormous impact on your feet as well as your comfort level.

And you don’t want anything to mess with that, do you? So it’s important to pick the correct footwear for something as physically challenging as Jazzercise.

Quick Comparison: Top 7 Best Shoes for Jazzercise

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best shoes for Jazzercise


The 7 Best Shoes for Jazzercise Reviews

Our seven best picks listed below should help you get started with the buying process. You will be thrilled to know that we’ve made it incredibly easier for you to decide what to buy and why.

1. RYKA Women’s Dynamic 2 Cross-Training Shoe – The Best Multifunctional Shoes for Jazzercise

	 RYKA Women's Dynamic 2 Cross-Training Shoe, Azalea/Hot Pink/Fusion Coral/Winter Blue, 8 M US

The RYKA Dynamic 2 Cross-Training Shoes are suitable for Jazzercise as well as other cross training workout sessions. They come with adjustable supportive overlays to provide superior comfort. And the addition of breathable mesh adds to this comfort level. The mesh is also responsible for keeping your feet cool and dry at all times.

These RYKA Jazzercise shoes have double density foam-equipped soles. Do you know what this does? It offers maximum cushioning to your feet.

Another excellent feature is the flex grooves. These help in promoting natural, smooth movements. The grooves are installed in the forefoot and heel region also to deliver more flexibility and fluid stride.

The only problem lies with the shock absorbent capacity of the shoes. So they might not be able to protect you from intense training. But nevertheless, they provide optimal foot support.

We Like

  • The padded insoles are moisture and odor resistant.
  • They are light in weight.
  • Arch support is exceptional.

We Don't Like

  • Narrow toe box.
  • They are not shock absorbent.

2. Bloch Women’s Boost Dance Sneaker – The Best Flexible Shoes for Jazzercise

Bloch Women's Boost Mesh Sneaker Dance Sneaker,Black,8 X(Medium) US

If there are any best shoes for Jazzercise in terms of flexibility, then these are it. The Bloch Boost Dance Sneakers are specifically designed for dance training workout sessions. They have a lightweight upper constructed with mesh. Such a quality adds breathability and comfort to the whole experience.

You will also be glad to know that the shoes’ split soles contribute to delivering maximum flexibility. The high-density, four-part outsoles do a great job at enhancing flexibility. So you can carry out various movements without worrying about injuries. (Improving flexibility with jazzercise)

The integrated arch support is equally remarkable. What it does is offer optimal elevation for superior comfort. The part that you might not like is the absence of lateral ankle support. But this will only bother you if the shoes are too wide for you. So it’s important to pick the right size.

We Like

  • The pivot point feature supports the 360-degree motion.
  • The heel is well cushioned to provide shock absorption.

We Don't Like

  • Not true to size.
  • Lack of sufficient lateral support in the ankle region.

3. Nike Women’s Free 5.0 Tr Fit 4 Print – The Best Jazzercise Shoes for Multidirectional Physical Movements

Nike Womens Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 Print Cross Training Shoes (8, White/Mtllc Silver/Mtllc Slvr)

Nike doesn’t fail to surprise us with its extraordinary collection of cross training shoes. And it has done it yet again with the Nike Free 5.0 Tr Fit 4 Print Shoes. These are ideal for a circuit, core, and cardio workout as well.

They have a lightweight design with breathable mesh-equipped uppers. So you can enjoy maximum support along with easy movement transition. You will also be quite impressed with the flexible construction of the Nike Jazzercise shoes. The more the flexibility, the less the chances of injury.

On top of that, there’s a neoprene inner sleeve to offer additional support and comfort to your feet. The only downside is the narrow design of the shoes. But this can be corrected if you opt for the right size.

We Like

  • The shoe conforms to the shape of the foot.
  • The soles have an excellent flex capacity.

We Don't Like

  • They run slightly narrow in size.

4. ASICS Women’s Rhythmic 2 Cross Training Shoe – The Best Shoes with Maximum Lateral and Medial Support

ASICS Women's Rhythmic 2 Cross-Training Shoe,Hot Pink/Black/White,5.5 M US

The thing about the ASICS Rhythmic 2 Cross Training Shoes is that they do an excellent job at providing support. This includes optimal lateral and medial support as well. And we all know how beneficial that is when it comes to physical training like Jazzercise. (Injuries associated with Zumba)

These best ASICS for Jazzercise come with pivot point soles. Such outsoles are responsible for allowing you to perform all kinds of movements. The EVA foam, full-length midsoles contribute to adding comfort to the whole experience.

So what’s the problem with these shoes? They don’t offer maximum impact absorption. But what the best ASICS for Jazzercise lack in shock absorption they make up for in support. Thanks to the lateral and medial support wraps.

We Like

  • The soles are thick enough to provide sufficient stability and comfort.
  • They are light in weight for dance fitness.

We Don't Like

  • Minimum arch support.
  • They are not suitable for high impact workout.

5. Under Armour Women’s UA Micro G Limitless Training Shoes – The Best High-Quality Shoes for Jazzercise

Under Armour Women's UA Micro G Limitless Training Shoes 8.5 Black

When it comes to durability, there’s nothing better than the Under Armour UA Micro G Limitless Training Shoes. These have a molded footbed design. What such a structure does is give you a proper fit and eliminate slippage.

These best shoes for Jazzercise are on the list for a reason. For many reasons, in fact. They come with seamless overlays. This feature is useful for providing support without making the shoes too bulky. The adjustable heel strap offers secure lock down for an enhanced fit.

You will also be quite taken aback by the Micro G cushioning. This is solely responsible for transforming every landing into an explosive takeoff. The only disappointing aspect is the lack of ankle support. But the overall support compensates for this negligible flaw.

We Like

  • The heel contains maximum cushioning for added comfort.
  • The flex grooves in the shoes’ forefoot improve natural stride.

We Don't Like

  • They don’t provide optimal stability due to poor ankle support.

6. RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe – The Most Comfortable Shoes for Jazzercise

RYKA Women's Influence Training Shoe,Steel Grey/Chrome Silver/Diver Blue/Zuma Pink,8.5 M US

RYKA is a company known to manufacture the shoes for Jazzercise. So it comes as no surprise to see yet another selection from the same brand. The RYKA Influence Cross Training Shoes are created for workout enthusiasts.

They consist of many functional features to provide comfort, support, and flexibility. (How many calories do you burn with Jazzercise?)

The synthetic and soft outer texture is responsible for keeping the shoe light in weight. So it’s easier to walk and dance in them for longer hours. The padded collar and tongue do an excellent job at adding tons of comfort. You will also be quite impressed with the cushioned insoles. This integrated feature brings additional comfort to the table.

The best part of these RYKA Jazzercise shoes is the spin spot at the bottom. What it does is make sharp movements easier. And the worst part is the narrow design and toe box. This might be a problem for those with larger feet.

We Like

  • The outsoles deliver maximum traction.
  • The flex foil layers of the shoes offer optimal flexibility.

We Don't Like

  • Not suitable for wide feet.

7. Reebok Women’s Studio Choice 2.0 Sneaker – The Best Lightweight Shoes for Jazzercise

Reebok Women's Studio Choice 2.0 Sneaker,Black/Black Glitch/White,5.5 M US

The lighter the shoes, the better the experience, right? So keeping this in mind, the Reebok Studio Choice 2.0 Sneakers might be an ideal choice. They are lightweight, hence incredibly smooth on the feet.

Please don’t be fooled by its delicate structure. Despite being light in weight, they offer tons of traction for a solid grip. This goes a long way in preventing injuries. Another noteworthy feature is the double compound midsoles.

These are perfect for providing maximum cushioning. Also, the midsoles have a cut-out design to reduce the overall weight of the shoes.

What you might not appreciate is the fitting of the shoes. The toe box is a tad too broad and the mid portion is a tad too narrow. So the only way to deal with this is to ensure that you get a proper size.

We Like

  • The shoes offer abundant midfoot stability and forefoot flexibility.
  • They are low cut to add maximum mobility.
  • The uppers are bright and colorful.

We Don't Like

  • Lack of arch support.
  • The fit of the shoes is poor.

The Buyer’s Guide of Jazzercise Shoes

best shoes for Jazzercise

Jazzercise is a physical exercise that combines dance fitness and aerobics. It’s a new kind of workout, isn’t it? And when it comes to training, the priority is to buy proper shoes. The thing about Jazzercise is that it requires your feet to be stable throughout the physical activity.

And there’s no other better way to ensure stability and comfort than a pair of the best shoes for Jazzercise.

These types of shoes are also called cross training or aerobic shoes. So don’t get confused when you hear these names. Since the workout is new, many athletic shoes manufacturing companies have not yet started to categorize them. So it can be difficult to find out more information about Jazzercise shoes.

That is why you need to go through this helpful guide. It highlights everything from the benefits of the exercise to the features to take into account when buying the shoes. So let’s get started!

DANCE MIXX Class - Jazzercise

What are the Advantages of Doing Jazzercise?

A wonderful combination of aerobics and dance created to offer a new style of workout is what Jazzercise is all about. The physical activity comes with several benefits. For one, it boosts your energy level.

Like every other workout, Jazzercise concentrates on building muscle groups as well as strengthening bones. The best part of each class is that it is a fun session. And do you know what that means? It means relieving stress. So you can considerably reduce the chances of developing any heart disease. Also, you can make good on your weight loss promises.

What Features Make the Best Shoes for Jazzercise?

best shoes for Jazzercise


Any pair of athletic sneakers will provide your feet with the much-needed comfort for dancing. But if you want to buy shoes specifically created for dance aerobic training, then you need the best Jazzercise shoes. These offer tons of comfort as well as support. So let’s find out how to choose these types of shoes.

The Comfort Factor

When you’re dancing, you want to feel extremely comfortable, don’t you? And that is the job of Jazzercise shoes; to provide superior comfort. Imagine working out in a pair of ill-fitting shoes for even an hour. You’ll be inviting tons of pain and discomfort your way. So it’s important for your shoes to fit your feet properly.

Comfort also comes in the form of cushioning. When shoes are well padded, they can keep your feet comfortable at all times. This means that your feet won’t hurt or give you any trouble during the workout session.

The Flexibility Factor

The activity of Jazzercise requires you to flex your feet in different directions. So you need something that has the ability to support such movements. Otherwise, the chances of developing an injury get multiplied. Keeping this mind, it’s crucial to buy Jazzercise shoes created with flexible, not rigid characteristics.

The Weight Factor

You don’t want to purchase a pair of bulky shoes, do you? It doesn’t matter if they are for your workout or any other purpose. Heavy weighted shoes are not considered to be healthy for the feet. And as far as dancing is concerned, it’s better to wear athletic shoes that don’t feel as heavy as cement blocks.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, cross training shoes are now extremely light in weight. This factor makes them ideal for a physically demanding activity like Jazzercise.

The Support Factor

Jazzercise is all about hopping, jumping, turning, twisting, and constantly moving. So to be able to do all of this, your feet require maximum support. They need to be locked in to eliminate any risks of injury.

Support is also responsible for allowing you to perform different movements with ease. So you will be glad to know that the sneakers manufactured today offer optimal support in all the right places for a workout session like this.

Some Helpful Buying Tips

The best advice from our end would be to know your particular needs and requirements. When it comes to buying Jazzercise shoes, you should prioritize their features. If you go through the above section thoroughly, you’ll understand what matters more and works better for your benefit.

Once you’ve done that, you can rest assured that you will be purchasing shoes suitable for your feet. It’s also important for you to test the Jazzercise shoes before buying them. The ultimate goal should be comforting at all costs. So if you’re uncomfortable with them or if they don’t fit you well, then it’s time to move on to the next pair.

The Best Sneakers for Jazzercise : Yoga Body-Mind Workout

The Final Recommendation

Buying the best shoes for Jazzercise is not only beneficial but also necessary. It does more than just improve your workout experience. Wearing the right kind of shoes for Jazzercise can keep your feet comfortable and in good shape at all costs.

So please make it a point to pick something that offers superior comfort. Also, the pair of Jazzercise shoes you select should be durable as well. It doesn’t make sense buying shoes that might break down sooner than you can imagine. So keeping this in mind, the RYKA Influence Cross Training Shoes might be an ideal choice.

The RYKA Jazzercise shoes have a synthetic and mesh combination for the uppers. What this does is hand out breathability as well as comfort. The direct-fuse and flex-foil thickness do an excellent job at providing support.

You will also appreciate the abundantly cushioned insoles and textile lining of the shoes. Together, they keep the feet comfortable throughout the entire session. On top of that, the double impact midsoles come with sufficient padding in the forefront and heel. So now you know that comfort is what you get at every step of the way.

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