Best Parkour Shoes Reviews – Buyer’s Guide (Mar. 2017)


Safety is as important as performance when it comes to buying the best parkour shoes. That’s easy enough to understand, isn’t it? But what’s not easy is finding the best pair for the physically challenging activity.

You should know that only a handful of shoe brands manufacture shoes specifically designed for this sport.

So traceurs have to go through the complicated process of selecting the most suitable option from a collection created for an entirely different purpose.

But you don’t need to do that anymore. And do you know why? It’s because our team of researchers has done it for you. So we’re glad to tell you that not all athletic shoes built for running are appropriate enough for parkour as well. Let’s find out more below!

Quick Comparison: Top 7 Best Parkour Shoes

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Top 7 of The Best Parkour Shoes 

As a beginner, you don’t understand what features to take into account when buying the best parkour shoes. And as an experienced traceur, maybe you don’t have the kind of money or time to try out the different models on the market.

So it doesn’t matter what you are; simply go through our selection of the seven best shoes for parkour below. The only thing that you will have to do after reading this is picking the most suitable pair for yourself, which won’t take too long.

1. Nike Men’s Flex 2016 Rn Running Shoe – The Best High-Quality Parkour Shoes

Nike Men's Flex 2016 Rn Black/White/Cool Grey Running Shoe 10.5 Men US

When it’s Nike, you know it’s great, don’t you? The Nike Flex 2016 Rn Running Shoes are considered to be the best for traceurs. They come with soft cushioning and enhanced flex grooves. Do you know what these do? They assist you with performing all kinds of movements naturally along with providing comfort.

You will be glad to know that the Nike Flex 2016 Rn Running Shoes have lightweight mesh and webbing system in the midfoot region. The latter integrates with the shoes’ lacing system to offer additional breathability and support.

The best part about these parkour shoes Nike is the pressure-mapped Phylon midsoles. These do an excellent job at cushioning your feet without adding too much weight to the shoes. And this might prove to be a problem. To make the shoes seem lighter, Nike hasn’t supplied them with enough cushioning.

We Like

  • The cradled heel prevents ankle injuries.
  • They offer a customized fit.
  • The soles of the shoes are incredibly flexible.

We Don't Like

  • They lack thick, durable cushioning.
  • The mesh doesn’t hold up well.

2. Evolv Men’s Cruzer Approach Shoe – The Toughest Parkour Shoes in the Industry

evolv Men's Cruzer Approach Shoe,Black,11 M US

When it comes to performing rigorous activities like parkour or even rock climbing, there’s nothing better than this. The EvolvCruzer Approach Shoes are the kind of shoes built to provide an exceptional grip.

The comfort factor is also equally remarkable. Thanks to the split tongue design of the shoes. In fact, this feature makes all kinds of landings easier on the feet. You will also be quite impressed with the solid stitching of the shoes. Because we all know how important durability is when buying parkour shoes.

The only drawback is the flat structure of the soles. This tends to mess with the shoes’ shock absorbent capacity. But the EvolvCruzer Approach Shoes make up for this by providing sufficient cushioning. Thanks to the excellent EVA midsoles.

We Like

  • The shoes’ internal material is incredibly soft and smooth.
  • The adjustable laces give you a better fit.

We Don't Like

  • They don’t offer a solid grip on wet surfaces.
  • The soles are too flat to absorb maximum impact.

Always Evolv

3. PUMA Men’s Faas 500 V4 Running Shoe – The Best Flexible Parkour Shoes

PUMA Men's Faas 500 V4 Running Shoe, Quarry/Black/High Risk Red, 10 M US

Flexibility comes in the form of flex grooves in the outsoles and midsoles. This is what the PUMAFaas 500 V4 Running Shoes provide for the activity of parkour. The soles may be thin, but they are abrasion resistant. This goes a long way in giving you a better ground feel.

What you also get is an Ortholite design sockliner. Such a feature offers tons of comfort. Another benefit of the sockliner is that it has antimicrobial properties.

The one-piece, foam midsoles are light in weight yet durable. They provide additional flexibility as well as ease of movement when performing parkour. (Parkour for beginners)

The only component that might let you down is the broad toe box region. But that just makes the parkour shoes Puma suitable for wider feet.

We Like

  • The cushioning of the shoes deliver maximum shock absorption.
  • They have a zero drop design, which helps in alleviating back pain.

We Don't Like

  • The bottom of the shoe tends to wear out quickly.
  • The toe box is a tad too wide.

Behind the Shoe: PUMA Faas 500 BioRide Technology Explained

4. New Balance Men’s 10v4 Trail Shoe – The Best Affordable Parkour Shoes

New Balance Men's MT10V4 Trail Shoe, Black/Red, 9 D US

In terms of affordability, we mean that the New Balance 10v4 Trail Shoes offer the best value for money. They come with all kinds of valuable features to make the physically challenging moves of parkour easier and more convenient to carry out.

Let’s begin by stating that these parkour shoes come with synthetic soles. This means exceptional durability and maximum bend. The latter is useful when you want to keep the feet comfortable on rough surfaces.

One other feature that you might appreciate is the lacing system. What it does is provide a better fit along with preventing slippage and blisters. The only problem lies with the lack of ground feel. Such a problem occurs when the soles tend to roll.

We Like

  • The shoes are well constructed and light in weight.
  • The grip capacity is excellent.

We Don't Like

  • The non-traditional style tongue causes the shoe to shift around.

5. Bait x Bruce Lee x Onitsuka Tiger Men Limited Edition Sneakers – The Best All-Around Parkour Shoes

Bait x Bruce Lee x Onitsuka Tiger Men Colorado 85 - Legend Limited Edition Sneakers

The Bait x Bruce Lee x Onitsuka Tiger Limited Edition Sneakers will not disappoint you in any aspect. They have a simple design with minimalistic arch support to keep your feet in close proximity to the ground.

As far as support is concerned, there’s nothing to worry about. Because these shoes come with rubber soles and a padded collar and tongue. On top of that, the soles are thin yet flexible enough to provide maximum grip. (Stretching for Parkour)

The Bait x Bruce Lee x Onitsuka Tiger Limited Edition Sneakers are ideal for strengthening foot muscles as well as the arch. This is how they made it to our list. But the shoes do have one tiny flaw. The quality of the soles is not up to the mark. This might prove to be a problem in the long run.

We Like

  • The ample padding provides perfect balance and stability.
  • The material of the shoes offers maximum breathability.

We Don't Like

  • The soles tend to peel off pretty quickly.

Onitsuka Tiger Shoe History // Frank151

6. Tiger Claw Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes – The Best High-Performance Parkour Shoes

Tiger Claw Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes - Black - Size 42

The Tiger Claw Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes are created for Taekwondo, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and other such martial art training. So it comes as no surprise that they are suitable for the activity of parkour as well.

The shoes have a lightweight, slim design. This makes them easier and more comfortable to wear. They are soft and resilient with lightweight, well-cushioned soles. So there’s no need to worry about shock absorption and comfort.

You will be taken aback by the high-quality of the rubber outsoles. These do an excellent job at providing the much-needed traction for the activity of parkour.

The only letdown is the wrong fit of the shoes. But you can correct this issue by making it a point to try them out before buying them.

We Like

  • The well-glued soles are responsible for maximum durability.
  • The tread pattern is exceptionally grippy.

We Don't Like

  • The shoes are not flexible enough.
  • Not true to size.

7. Inov-8 F-lite 240 Shoe – The Best Versatile Parkour Shoes

Inov-8 Men's F-Lite 240-M Cross-Trainer Shoe, Black/Dark Red/White, 12 M US

The thing about Inov-8 F-lite 240 Shoes is that they are suitable for parkour as well as free running. And do you know why? It’s because these shoes have midsoles with a low arch. On top of that, the rubber soles contribute to providing your feet with excellent grip. (Ways to avoid common Parkour injuries)

The best parkour shoes are those that have enhanced flex grooves. Because what such a feature does is offer natural flex in the forefoot region. And we all know how important that is when it comes to performing parkour movements.

Another significant characteristic is the upper webbing system. This is useful in keeping your feet secure and well positioned. The part that’s disappointing is the lack of heel counter. So the support factor takes a slight hit due to this.

We Like

  • The footbed tends to stretch to offer a customized fit.
  • The shoes grip well even when the ground is wet.
  • The solid construction makes them suitable for heavy-duty training.

We Don't Like

  • They are lighter than they should be.
  • Minimal forefoot support.

CrossFitters Recall the First Time They Tried Inov-8 Shoes

Parkour Shoes - Buying Guide

best Parkour shoes


Neither parkour nor selecting the Parkour shoes is an easy task. In fact, the latter is even more challenging when you have a particular style or preference in mind. Like for instance, some traceurs want to buy shoes with additional padding or flexibility. While some give a lot of importance to grip.

So what you need here is the basic understanding of what parkour is and how to choose the best shoes for such an activity. This will help you in prioritizing your needs and requirements. So you’ll end up selecting something that works well in terms of both safety and performance.

What is Parkour?

Parkour has been gaining popularity over the past few years. Otherwise, why would we be writing this article, right? The physical activity offers a unique spin (no pun intended) on running. It involves traveling from point A to B in the most efficient manner.

And while doing so, you also overcome obstacles by jumping, climbing, and running. The goal is to reach your destination without moving backward. Parkour involves rolling and other such movements as well. This means you can be incredibly creative and spontaneous while performing the activity.

Parkour Activity

Important Features of the Best Parkour Shoes

  • Sole

When buying athletic shoes for physically challenging activities, their construction plays a significant role. And this brings the sole of the shoes under the limelight. Thinner soles tend to provide more sensitivity than their thicker counterparts.

And with increased sensitivity, you get more balance and the ability to adopt different rail techniques (basic Parkour moves). But, at the same time, thinner soles don’t offer maximum shock absorption.

Now let’s talk about the rubber compounds of the sole. Softer compounds are less durable but provide more grip. On the other hand, harder compounds offer more durability and less traction.

Also, another important factor to take into consideration is plastic. Or rather the absence of plastic pieces. These are located in the arch region, and you must avoid them entirely. Because plastic is a highly slippery material. So it can increase the chances of injury.

  • Weight

The thing about weight is that it affects the shoes’ shock absorbent capacity. Lightweight shoes don’t provide your feet with exceptional shock absorption. But nevertheless, they’re a better bet for the activity of parkour. So depending on your level of training and movement style, you can pick what’s more important; lightweight or shock absorption.

  • Fit

When buying shoes, any shoes, fit should be your priority. Because an irregular shape or poor fit might lead to foot ailments or injuries. So keeping this in mind, you need to buy the parkour shoes with a snug yet comfortable fit.

You should also know that our feet tend to spread out when we’re performing physical activities. So giving them enough space inside the shoes is not only important but necessary too. This means a wide toe box, non-slippery heel, maximum adjustability with the lacing system, etc.

  • Grip

We’ve already talked about softer rubber compounds in the soles offering more grip, right? But this comes at the cost of durability. Harder compounds, on the other hand, are sturdy enough to provide the much-needed sustainability.

But aside from all this, what’s more important to you as a traceur? Is it safety or sturdiness over time? When it comes to parkour, we think the former helps in preventing many potential injuries. So it’s advisable to buy parkour shoes with softer rubber compound soles.

best Parkour shoes


Some Helpful Buying Tips for Parkour Shoes

Everybody talks about what you need to take into account when purchasing shoes. Nobody discusses the features you should avoid. So that’s what we’re going to do in this section.

  • Shoes built with plastic pieces in the arches or soles make them slippery. So if safety is important to you, then you should stay away from the plastic material.
  • Heavy-weighted or bulky shoes are not suitable as they might interfere with your level of performance.
  • ​Parkour shoes are not skater shoes. In fact, skater shoes are not the kind of shoes one should wear for training.
  • ​A good lacing system contributes to providing maximum adjustability as well as stability. So avoid buying parkour shoes with no laces.
  • It’s important to ensure that your shoes have a well-constructed sole. Solid soles deliver more efficiency, hence better performance. And soles built with different pieces instead of a single piece get in the way of that.

Wrapping It Up

Parkour is considered to be one of the most physically challenging activities. So it’s better to buy the right kind of gear for it. This way you don’t end up making major mistakes that might lead to serious injuries. And if this means buying the best parkour shoes, so be it.

But you will find plenty of options on the market. So it’s important to know the good ones from the ones that might just cause more damage to your feet and knees. You should know that buying from a reliable brand helps in eliminating this possibility.

So keeping this in mind, we would recommend the PUMAFaas 500 V4 Running Shoes. Let us tell you why once again.

  • The parkour shoes Puma come with abundant yet lightweight cushioning to offer superior comfort.
  • They have an excellent combination of FaasFoam+ midsoles and EverTrack outsoles. This goes a long way in delivering optimal support and traction.
  • ​The Weave Mesh feature integrated into the shoes’ uppers provides additional support along with a better fit.
  • And lastly, the lightweight structure does an excellent job at making every parkour movement feel more natural.

So if these features are what you’re looking for, then the PUMAFaas 500 V4 Running Shoes might be an ideal choice for you.

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