Best Lineman Boots – Buyer’s Guide of 2017


To find the fitting pair of best lineman boots is important for everyone, isn’t it? When you’re a seasoned lineman, your job requires you not to take your preferences lightly.

You want something secure, comfortable, and durable.

Some of us opt for supportive footing. While the others need adequate protection against all kinds of dangerous hazards. That’s why you need this guide to help you decide what is best for you and what’s not.

When you opt for wearing standard work boots, you’re putting yourself in grave danger. But you already know that, don’t you? Challenging working conditions require the use of lineman boots. For pole climbing, you need something steady and tactical. And at such times, standard work boots don’t make the cut.

When you deal with lineman work, you encounter surfaces like steel, metal, and wood. To top it all, you need boots crafted for such accurate scenarios.

Which is why our line of recommended lineman boots will get you on the track you need to be.

Quick Comparison: Top 7 Best Lineman Boots

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The Best Lineman Boots: 7 Best Picks

We’ve compiled a list of 7 most competitive lineman boots. These options comprise of many distinctive features for superior performance. If you want something with an excellent value, this list concentrates on all skill levels. And what this does is make them suitable for a broader audience.

We spent hours pinning down the lineman boots for you, so let’s get started!

1. La Sportiva Makalu Mountaineering Boot - Men's - The Best Comfortable Lineman Boots

La Sportiva Makalu Mountaineering Boot - Men's Natural 44

The La Sportiva Makalu Boots go a long way in providing superior comfort for years of use. With the full steel shank design, they make grip ability a smooth pursuit. It also helps for automatic crampon compatibility. This means that these best lineman boots are incredibly sturdy during pole climbing.

The use of superior quality materials for the MtnFlex insole and Idro-Perwanger Leather upper is what adds unique value. And that's not it. These features ensure professional water repellency and precise cushioning. This offers an independent fit. You will appreciate the firm fit of the outsoles. They provide constant resistance against years of abuse.

It’s difficult to put a price on something as valuable as these lineman boots. You get the required abrasion resistance and precise tensioning. The breathability is also an excellent factor. In hindsight, they’re built to withstand demanding conditions.

But the only drawback to these lineman boots is the soft sole design. They’re a bit softer than regular lineman boots. It might cause a slight difference in the way your feet flex. But you can always correct your posture if you opt for a more suitable size.

We Like

    • These boots are lightweight and well-supported.
    • They have a superior moisture wicking lining.

We Don't Like

    • The midsole material used feels too hot for summer months.
    • The sole design is softer, hence less rigid for pole climbing.

2. Irish Setter Men’s 83808 Steel Toe Work Boot - The Best High-Quality Lineman Boots

Irish Setter Men's 83808 8

You will be glad to know that the Irish Setter 83808 Work Boots offer superior moisture resistance. So you can work all day in comfort. Its expert UltraDry Waterproofing System works incredibly well to promote dry feet. While the full-grain leather uppers and strong welt offer long-continued durability.

We were quite impressed with the boot’s structure. It accommodates most feet while striking the perfect balance of support and grip ability. The compression these best lineman boots offer makes them ideal for challenging scenarios.

The well-defined heel and lugged pattern are able to withstand the toughest conditions. Also, if you look at the strong outsole, you know it’s crafted with precision. For better maneuverability, these might be your best option. Because it features a unique heel design which helps ease tension, you reduce back pain stress in a jiffy.

Lastly, for the greatest ankle breathability, these lineman boots are sturdy enough. But we found that the toe shape is a bit narrower than usual. This affects linemen who have wider feet and need more toe space for proper alignment.

We Like

    • The oil finishing is durable enough to withstand all kinds of weather.
    • The removable polyurethane footbed is sufficient for excellent cushioning.

We Don't Like

    • The soles provide a longer break-in period.
    • The toe construction doesn’t offer optimal breathability.

Irish Setter Work Boots by Red Wing Shoes

3. AdTec Men’s 9-Inch Logger Boot - The Best Heavy-Duty Lineman Boots

AdTec Men's 9 Inch Logger Boot, Brown, 9.5 M US

The AdTec Logger Boots have a waterproof construction and high-quality design. These best lineman boots play a significant role in improving user wearability. Plus, they’re environmental friendly with a goodyear welt construction.

We loved these lineman boots for their sturdy outsole and padded footbed. When everything else seems to take you down, having these to support your feet seems to us the best option. The soft toe style offers the greatest balance and breathability. That said, the AdTec Men’s 9-Inch Logger Boot delivers such phenomenal qualities.

They offer better traction when shock absorption is required. Thanks to the sturdy build. The oil resistant lug outsole gives you a good boot experience. So your feet remain dry, warm, and comfy. The boots can also withstand versatile conditions. You couldn’t ask for something more affordable to impress. (What you should know about electric line workers)

The AdTec Men’s 9-Inch Logger Boot is a tad bit heavyweight which means there is a longer break-in period. This takes a couple of days of use to get accustomed to. Since they’re tough to break in, they can cause minor aches and inflexibility to begin with.

We Like

    • They’re the most inexpensive yet rugged lineman boots.
    • The padded footbed, steel toe, and logger sole offer great balance.

We Don't Like

    • The heavy-duty construction is tough to break in.

4. Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger 6-Inch Boot - The Good-Looking Lineman Boots

Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger 6

The Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger Boot is a dignified player. And why do you think that is? It's because of the construction, appearance, and fit. And you will love its rugged aesthetic. It provides a tailored fit, thanks to the all leather footbed.

This also offers enhanced adaptability features most professional linemen long for. The boots come with reinforced cap toe and full-grain upper design. These features provide exceptional stability.

For linemen, buying a good-looking and moldable fit pair is often a challenging task. That said, the Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger 6-Inch Boot provide a better fit. You might find yourself more active, aligned, and alert at your job with these lineman boots. The cap toe and tonal stitching keep your insides firm and warm.

The Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger Boots are oil resistant for superior performance. But they’re not completely slip-resistant. You could experience a slight slippage on wet surfaces. But given its molding and hardened footbed, they’re sturdy to keep you from falling.

We Like

    • It offers superior arch support and cushioning.
    • It is a fashion-forward pair, crafted with premium quality leather.

We Don't Like

    • They’re not as slip-resistant as they should be.

Red Wing Heritage - How to Care for Smooth Finished Leather Boots?

5. Timberland PRO Men’s Boondock Waterproof Non-Insulated Work Boot - The Best Durable Lineman Boots

Timberland PRO Men's Boondock 6 Inch Waterproof Non-Insulated Work Boot,Brown Oiled Distressed,13 M US

The Timberland PRO Boondock Work Boot is known for its long-lasting performance technology. Something that outperforms most other competitors on the market. These best lineman boots have a high tolerance level. The high-quality, shock absorbent Anti-Fatigue Technology of the boots offers a comfortable fit.

Have you faced problems with water resistance? If yes, then you might like the Ever-Guard leather heel and waterproof membrane on this one. The waterproof membrane and leather do an excellent job at providing pathogen protection.

The lightweight, non-metallic toe cap meets all professional safety standards. This helps in enhancing impact protection and compression for the long run. The Timberland PRO Boondock Work Boots might be an ideal choice for those who spend a lot of time outdoors.

These boots deliver better structural support, thanks to the fiberglass shank. Also, the dual-density material construction hands out superior resistance.

The only problem with the Timberland PRO Boondock Work Boot is that they’re heavier to work with. Also, they are not suitable for those with narrower feet.

We Like

    • It is slip-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and oil-resistant.
    • They have a rigid external heel cup design for superior lateral stability.

We Don't Like

    • It feels a tad bit heavy due to its rugged construction.
    • It is not ideal for people with narrow feet.

Timberland PRO Boondock Work Boot Review

6. Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot - The Best Flexible Lineman Boots

Lowa Men's Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot,Sepia/Sepia,11 W US

You will not find a more breathable fit lineman boots than the Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot. With such quality materials, they offer better traction, stability, and grip ability. The most striking part about these best lineman boots is their stabilizing shanks. The full-length nylon shank provides a more customized fit.

Also, for all day comfort, the durable Monowrap frame helps reduce foot pressure. Hardened feet is one of the major concerns for linemen, aren't they? So these boots are ideal for everyone. The Vibram outsole and lightweight midsole are perfect for providing superior conformability.

The climate-control footbed goes a long way at wicking away moisture to help keep your feet safe. It also allows better airflow and ventilation.

Many features make the Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot a valuable option. But the only feature that might let you down is the lacing system. It feels a whiff more square than precise. But it’s not a major concern if you don’t mind spending a few extra seconds to get them off and on.

We Like

    • They come with removable insoles.
    • The leather upper is perfect for lateral stability and all-day cushioning.

We Don't Like

    • It features an out-of-date lacing system.

Lowa Renegade GTX Mid

7. Georgia Boot Men’s Loggers G7313 Work Boot - The Best All-Round Lineman Boots

Georgia Boot Men's Loggers G7313 Work Boot,Tumbled Chocolate,8.5 M US

Do you want a pair of boots that are capable of handling demanding working conditions? Then the Georgia Boot Men’s Loggers G7313 Work Boot is our go-to choice. They have flawless waterproofing. These best lineman boots can withstand mild working conditions.

The steel toe construction and steel shank strike the perfect balance. When it comes to unmatched lineman work, you need serious electrical hazard protection (10 commandments of lineman safety).

That’s why the Georgia G7313 Work Boot is so important. It helps you ease exhaustion. It works to support proper posture. And it also gives you more room for movement. But not too much that you lose your grip.

What’s next in place is the superior lacing system. It’s firm, durable, and precise to use. The boots deliver contoured support in the form of orthopedic inserts. So your leg muscles feel well-supported.

Featured with goodyear welt sole construction and an aggressive tread pattern. The former and latter combine to provide exceptional grip ability and protection.

The only problem with the Georgia Boot Men’s Loggers G7313 Work Boot lies in its insulation. So they’re less capable of harsh working conditions.

We Like

    • They come with an Electrical Hazard (EH) safety protocol.
    • The footbed is removable for enhanced comfort.
    • It is tough enough to withstand chemicals, oil, abrasion, and heat.

We Don't Like

    • They lack the insulation required for severe conditions.

Georgia Steel Toe Waterproof Logger Boot Style# - G7313

Lineman Boots Buying Guide

After examining several options, we now understand the importance of lineman boots. They do the job of alleviating all kinds of dangers and discomfort. Anyone who works as a lineman knows that it’s not an easy task to do. Lineman boots are engineered to offer maximum performance and durability. They are also responsible for handing out stability throughout the day.

Most lineman boots endure incredible amounts of pressure. And they’re comparatively better for it. If you’re a lineman, there’s no sense in buying boots that don’t match up to the way lineman boots perform. Without the necessary traction, grip, and safety, you’ll be setting yourself up for more harm than good.

If you’ve read this far, it is certain that you’re looking for something secure and comfortable to wear. So let's find out what makes lineman boots so unique.

The Best Features of Lineman Boots



Water Resistance

If you’ve read our top recommendations, you know that all lineman boots must be waterproof. Because a lineman works all year round, it’s imperative that for a pair of work boots, they must be durable.

For climbing on poles and for better grip, water-resistant boots are ideal for all kinds of seasons. Plus, having water resistant lineman boots helps keep your feet warm and comfy.

High-Quality Outsoles

Superior outsole performance contributes to fighting against fatigue. If you’re climbing poles and walking lines, your boots should offer that kind of flexibility. If that weren’t the case, you’d be compromising your comfort and safety for something inadequate.

A superior outsole provides ergonomic support, breathability, and comfort. For strenuous work hours, this distinctive could save your life.

Steel Shanks

Are you a professional lineman? If yes, then you know the importance of double strength steel shanks in lineman boots. They offer incredible support under the boot’s instep so you can stand comfortably on pole rungs.

That said, it also works well to stiffen the boot’s structure so that your feet don’t flex. This kind of protection offers excellent traction for consistent pole climbing. Linemen should be able to complete their jobs faster, right? And this can only happen with appropriate cushioning and maneuverability.

The Final Note 

The best lineman boots discussed above are the best options in the industry. They’re ideal for strenuous working hours. Some are best for heavy-duty work, while some suitable for the apprentice lineman.

We polled together products that were appropriate for all kinds of lineman work. You can start off with something that’s versatile and reliable. Like the La Sportiva Makalu Boot. It is designed to not only enhance protection but makes way for better breathability.

And if we were to do this guide all over again, we’d pick this one yet again. Thanks to its efficient insulation and water resistant design.

To discuss some of the best qualities of the La Sportiva Makalu Boot:

    • It is lightweight.
    • It comes with an extra cushioned midsole for enhanced comfort.
    • And it has a full steel shank for safer pole climbing.

These features keep your feet warm and dry, so you don’t need to replace them. Many working boots deteriorate with time and years of abuse. But our recommendations help in reducing stress.

They also assist in performing well in harsh conditions. It's important for you to examine each pair of lineman boots if you want to buy the best pair. Because evaluating each boot’s traction and preciseness helps in enhancing lineman skills.

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