A Complete Guide To Choose The Best Dress Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis 

A person’s personality can be reflected by the shoes he wears. The people who suffer from the problem of plantar fasciitis might face difficulties in experimenting with new stylish shoes. However, the extensive collection of best dress shoes for plantar fasciitis has fulfilled the desires of these people by adding comfort technology to the latest and trendy shoes.

The vast collection of shoes which treat plantar fasciitis might confuse you. This article will help you pick the perfect shoes which are effective in treating the problem of plantar fasciitis and look stylish at the same time.

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The Need of Best Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a common pain felt in the foot while walking. Most of us do not even realize that we are suffering from this pain. Changing shoes is a cost-effective and efficient option to get rid of this pain.

Plantar Fasciitis is caused due to stretch or a slight tear in the ligaments which holds the joints of the foot. Your feet have to suffer a lot, by not only bearing your weight, but it also has to take equal opposite force exerted by the ground.

People like soldiers and athletes who have to stand for longer periods suffer from this kind of problem. The problem might continue if proper treatment is not undertaken. Shoes designed for plantar fasciitis is an effective technique to cure the issue without any hassle.

Even if the pain is completely gone, buy supportive and proper shoes for your feet to avoid problems in future. Make sure that you renew the shoes at regular intervals to keep them productive. A functional shoe can absorb shocks and protect your feet from any pain.

Properties of Shoes Which Treat Plantar Fasciitis

While buying the perfect shoes to deal with the problem of plantar fasciitis, one must be aware of certain things. Follow the following points to find the perfect shoes:

1. Measure your Feet Size Accurately

The foot sizes vary a little during the day since the feet expands. Hence, prefer going to the shop for a long walk so that your feet’s size is expanded.

2. Comfort is the Basic Requirement

Choose the best sneakers which are comfortable to walk in. Do not take plantar fasciitis casually and pick the wrong shoes as the pain might increase.

3. Different Shoes for Different Purposes

The purpose of buying the shoes must be clear. For example, if you are buying running shoes, the shoes must have additional shock absorbing capacity. While for others, you must look for other features. Hence, choose the best dress shoes for plantar fasciitis which meets your requirements.

4. Perfect Sole

The outer sole of the shoes should be stiff enough for people who have to stand for a longer period. Padding or cushioning the sole is also essential for comfort. These shoes must hold the feet firm and the sole must allow smooth walking on various surfaces.

5. Proper Arch Support

Find the shoes which provide proper arch support to your foot. When arch support is perfect, the load on Achilles Tendons reduce decreasing the chances of plantar fasciitis.

Achilles Tendons are attached to the heel bone. Hence the shoes must not hurt these tendons to avoid the problems of plantar fasciitis.

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6. Toe-Box

The toe-box must be spacious so that the foot may relax. However, the shoes must be sturdy to resist the extension of shoes. A spacious toe box protects your feet from windlass mechanism. The toe-box must be a bit flexible.

Do not run only after the design; comfort is the primary requirement while buying these shoes. Choose the shoes which ensure foot stability and keeps your feet aligned.

The material of the shoes must be light-weighted. Ethylene vinyl acetate and polyurethane are few popular light-weighted tackles used to make these shoes.

Take a Wise Decision While Choosing Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Shoes of a single category are not sufficient to fulfill the requirements of all the patients suffering from plantar fasciitis. Beware of the types of shoes which will help you get rid of the pain. All the shoes might look beautiful and attractive however final decision must be taken with complete awareness about comfort and relaxation of the foot.

While you are shopping for shoes which treat plantar fasciitis, do not come to any conclusion with what you feel there. Contact an experienced person who can measure the length and breadth of your feet and then choose the shoes accordingly.

Once the perfect size of your feet is known, try out different models. There are several types and brands available, try on many of them till you find the most comfortable and good-looking one for yourself.

Check whether the shoes keep your foot stable and correct pronation. This can be done by looking your feet in the mirror. The feet must be held firmly by the shoes, and it must not slip inside.

Finally, check the cushioning and the arch support provided by the shoes. Walk a little with the shoes on so that you can check the arch support of the shoes. The shoes must not feel hard or unstable since you have to stand or walk for hours in those shoes.

The shoes which fulfill the criteria mentioned above can effectively treat patients with plantar fasciitis. Therefore, before you come to a final decision keep the points as mentioned above in mind.

10 Most Comfortable Shoes for Treating Plantar Fasciitis

Here is a list of some comfortable and stylish shoes which treat plantar fasciitis. They not only give you a classy look but also treat problems of plantar fasciitis.

1. Vionic Womens Action Heritage Slip-On Walking Sneaker Shoes

Women's Vionic, Action Heritage Slip on Sneaker SAND 12 M

Vionic is a popular brand which is known for its designer shoes which are comfortable and reliable at the same time. The walking sneaker shoes for women produced by Vionic are a stunning success since these shoes have relieved many patients of plantar fasciitis.

The casual look and the breathable leather used in these shoes make them comfortable. The slip-on design and the low-profile top line of the shoes make it different from others. Excellent leather and durable rubber sole allow you to walk on any surfaces. It comprises of a removable microfiber which is covered with EVA insole.

Most importantly, the Orthaheel technology induced in these shoes keeps your foot safe and stable. Over pronation is reduced is these shoes are worn on a regular basis. It is of great benefit to the patients suffering from plantar fasciitis as it reduces the pain by keeping the foot firm. This shoes with a casual look and comfort are worth your money.

We Like

  • ​Excellent arch support which reduces the chances of plantar fasciitis
  • ​Breathable mesh makes its comfortable.
  • ​Rubber sole which can work on various surfaces.
  • Orthaheel technology to combat the pain of plantar fasciitis.

We Don't Like

  • ​The heels might slip out while walking.
  • ​The toe area might not have enough space for your fingers.

For MEN:

2. Vionic with Orthaheel Conner Men's Slip On

Vionic with Orthaheel Conner Men's Slip On 11.5 D(M) US Light Grey

3. Orthofeet Verve Womens Extra Depth Orthopedic Arthritis And Diabetic Sneakers Tie-less Synthetic

Orthofeet Verve Womens Extra Depth Orthopedic Arthritis And Diabetic Sneakers Tie-less Fuchsia Synthetic 8 XW US

Orthofeet is known for its shoes which are a consolidation of style and comfort. The shoes produced by Orthofeet are known for curing patients with foot pain. Verve Women’s Sneakers are also known for their pain healing properties and excellent quality.

Foot pain can easily be cured by its Orthotic support which is provided by the multi-layer insole and a proper arch support. The feather-like weight and the good cushioning avoids stress on the joints while walking.

The non-binding design of the shoes embellished with foam makes them comfortable and reduces pressure on the feet. The sole with an ergonomic stride design facilitates the motion of your foot by enabling you to have a pleasant walk.

It has a tie-less system of lacing which makes fastening and unfastening the shoes easier. There is no need to tie laces since it has hook straps which solve all your problems. For the people who face difficulties in tying shoelaces, these shoes are perfect. The straps adjust the width of the shoes as per the requirements.

We Like

  • ​Cushioned sole for stable and soft steps.
  • ​Anatomical arch supports to keep the foot firm
  • ​Relaxed fit with foam embedded throughout.
  • Biomechanically designed to provide a comfortable walk and alleviate all foot and joint pains.

We Don't Like

  • ​The sizes are a bit small, so go for larger sizes.

For MEN:

4. Orthofeet Monterey Bay Men's Orthopedic Arthritis And Diabetic Sneakers Tie-Less Lace

Orthofeet Monterey Bay Men's Orthopedic Arthritis And Diabetic Sneakers Tie-Less Lace White Synthetic 11 W US

5. Vionic Women's Walker Classic Shoes

Orthaheel Walker Women's Plantar Fasciitis Shoe - White Blue - 8 Med

Orthaheel is a renowned brand which produces the most comfortable and reliable shoes. Walker Women’s shoes are specially designed to cure the problem of Plantar Fasciitis. These imported synthetic shoes are worth buying for their excellent features.

Orthaheel has designed these shoes to provide comfort and support to the people who suffer from foot and joint pains. It has a proper arch support and a motion-controlling feature which keeps your foot stable inside the shoes while you walk.

The deep heel cup and the breathable mesh with foam which prevents your skin from getting rubbed against the walls of the shoes accomplish all the fitness goals.

The anti-bacterial property curbs the foot odor. The orthotic features of the shoes offer comfortable and stylish walk to the customers.

Before you place your order, go through the pros and cons of these shoes:

We Like

  • ​Built-in motion controlling feature for a firm walk.
  • ​Water resistant leather which lasts long.
  • ​Biomechanical removable features
  • EVA midsole for a smooth transition from heel to toe while walking.

We Don't Like

  • ​Order one size UP because these shoes are smaller.
  • ​They might squeak after some time.

For MEN:

6. Vionic Men's Orthaheel Technology Walker

Vionic Men's Orthaheel Technology Black Walker - 12 2E US

7. Spenco Yumi Sandal Filp-Flop

Spenco Women's Siesta Slip-On Canvas Midnight/Silver 8 M

Spenco is recognized for producing shoes with pain healing properties. Women’s Siesta Slip-On Canvas provided by Senco is not only comfortable but also look stunning. Women suffering from problems like plantar fasciitis will find the design of the shoe appealing and attractive.

These synthetic shoes with the upper portion made of canvas are worth buying. They are durable and give you a smart look. The heel cup cushioning provides ample room for your feet to relax. The perfect metatarsal dome and zero-drop heel offer a motion controlled walk by keeping your feet aligned.

The rubber sole can efficiently work on various surfaces. Relax yourselves in these shoes which are properly cushioned with foam. The anti-microbial treatment delivers a dry environment for your feet.

We Like

  • ​Rubber sole for better traction.
  • ​Cushioned for soft steps.
  • ​The anti-microbial property which prevents foot odor.
  • Zero-drop heel

We Don't Like

  • ​The arch support is not satisfactory.

For MEN:

8. Spenco Yumi Sandal Flip-Flop - Mens

Spenco Siesta Canvas Slip-On Shoe - Mens

9. VIONIC Women's Antonia Mid Wedge Pump

Vionic With Orthaheel Womens Antonia Mid Wedge Pump Shoes, Tan Leopard, US 8

Want to buy trendy shoes which also fulfill your desires of healthy feet? Try out the products of Vionic. This brand is known for their collection of classy shoes which can be worn by patients who suffer from plantar fasciitis. This imported item is worth your hard earned money.

Antonica Women’s Leather Wedge shoes are synthetic shoes made of the rubber sole and are available in a variety of appealing designs. The sole is efficient enough as it provides ample amount of traction on various surfaces. Orthotic support technology is infused in these shoes for treating heel and foot pain.

These are undoubtedly comfortable and support your feet by holding them firmly. Pick your favorite one from a vast collection of attractive shoes with heels.

The pros and cons of the shoes must be noted before you place your order.

We Like

  • ​Orthaheel orthotic support technology for healing the pain of plantar fasciitis.
  • ​Comfortable as well as attractive.
  • Wedge heel with a perfect arch.

We Don't Like

  • ​They might stretch after being used for few months.
  • ​Order larger size as it might be smaller for your feet.

For MEN:

10. Orthofeet Gramercy Mens Extra Depth Orthopedic Arthritis And Diabetic Dress Shoes

Orthofeet Gramercy Mens Extra Depth Orthopedic Arthritis And Diabetic Dress Shoes Black Leather 11.5 XW US

How to Cure Plantar Fasciitis in 1 Week?


The best dress shoes for plantar fasciitis can solve the problem of plantar fasciitis. The footwear is one of the best products in curing the problem of plantar fasciitis for the magical pain healing attributes of these shoes:

Find the right shoes for yourself with the help of the information in this article. Choose the one with proper arch support, deep heel cup and cushioned surface. Plantar fasciitis is no more a problem if you switch to these particular shoes.

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