How To Find The Best Dress Shoes For Flat Feet?

A dress shoe is referred to a shoe which is to be worn at some formal or casual events. It is entirely different from an athlete shoe. These dress shoes are attired by numerous people all over the globe even as their customary daily shoes when they go to work or for any educational purpose or places.

These shoes are also widely used for parties, in dance, and even for occasions. This article will guide you to get yourself the best dress shoe for flat feet.

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What are Flat Feet?

Flat feet is such a condition where the foot does not have the normal arch when standing. The arch on the inside of the feet is flattened; thus it allows the entire foot to touch the floor when the person is standing up.

Flat feet can also cause problems sometimes in the ankles and knees because such a condition can lead the ankles inward and thus the alignment of legs do not remain proper.

Some common problems faced by the flat footed people are as follows:

  • They face difficulty when they stand on tiptoe.
  • There is some swelling seen inside of the ankle.
  • The person experiences knee pain, back pain, and arch strain.


How are Flat Feet Treated?

Depending on the conditions whether the flat foot taken under consideration is flexible or rigid, some special shoes meant for the flat footed people might be of some help.

Some shoe-inserts are put over the counter arch, and this might relieve the pain faced due to flat foot, but this is not the cure for flat feet. It only reduces the pain and its symptoms.

The design of these shoes with strong heel counters that are often used for the treatment of flat feet.

How to Fix Flat Feet?​

What to Look for in the Best Shoes for the Flat Feet?

There are a wide variety of shoes and sandals for flat feet. Some of the supportive shoes provide great support to the flexible flat foot, which is very much helpful. The best shoes for this purpose control pronation and they have heel support. Some of these shoes have stiff sole underneath the foot arch.

Here we are talking about the best Dress Shoes for Flat Feet. Let us discuss some of the dress shoes worn by the men and women all over the globe.


Men’s Dress Shoes:

Men’s dress shoes are of limited variants. In general, they are made up of leather, including the outers, linings and sole. Some shoes have rubber soles. The leather shoes are somewhat costly. But if you want to buy some cost effective, cheap shoes, then non-leather men’s dress shoes are also available.

The possible color variants of men’s dress shoes are black, brown, burgundy, chestnut, cordovan, white, oxblood, etc.

The shoes are usually made from many leather pieces, and there are also shoes available of many styles. Most of the shoes revolve around some brogueing.

Though there are a limited number of variants in men’s shoes, still these men’s dress shoes are further categorized into different styles based on various features, for example, their fastening.

​The First 5 Dress Shoes Every Man Should Buy

Some of the famous styles of men’s dress shoes are as follows:

  • Oxfords – these shoes have their laces tied up keeping the wearer’s foot fully covered. Here the pieces of leather are joined by the laces and are sewn together. Some Oxford type of shoes even has a unique design called the toe cap. These shoes are one of the regular shoes for wearing with suits.
  • Monk shoes – monk shoes are also known as Monkstrap. They have no lacing and is fastened with a strap and a buckle system. These shoes are regarded as less formal as they seem somewhat inappropriate with the formal attire.
  • ​Derbies – Derbies are also a type of dress shoes. These shoes are a bit similar in looks with the oxfords, but they are considered to be less formal.
  • Loafers – This kind of dress shoes come in both the variants, that is, it is both available for men and women. These are also worn with formal attire.

Along with all these, there are other types of dress shoes as well such as court shoes, opera shoes, dress boot, etc.


Women’s Dress Shoes:

Women’s dress shoes are of varieties, available in many styles and day by day, the stocks are getting upgraded. These shoes are worn to match the color of the gown, suit or dress being worn. These shoes come in different styles and for different occasions such as for office purposes, parties, formal occasions, etc.

The women’s dress shoes also come in a variety of colors such as black, gold, silver, white, tan, red, blue, yellow, etc. and much more.

Let us see some of the types of women’s dress shoes.

  • Pumps – Pumps are the kind of women’s dress shoes which comes in a variety of colors and styles. They have rounded toe shape or pointed toe shape. These shoes are usually made of leather. These shoes possess a heel of about 2 inches.

These pumps have nowadays being upgraded, varying the heel size, the style with certain add-ons like ankle straps. In general, pumps are made of leather, but nowadays, it is even available in other forms of fabric such as wool, suede, etc.

  • Slingbacks – these dress shoes are almost similar to the pumps, but they do not have to wrap all the way around the heel like the pumps. It has a narrow strap which is pulled over the heel, keeping the rest of the heel area exposed.
  • Loafers – Loafers are the type of dress shoes worn both by the men and women. They are typical of a round toe style and are generally of darker color, like black or brown. Women loafers also have other different styles.
  • Mules – these are the shoes which just slide out of the foot. They do not cover the heel or the back of the foot. Only if the mules have a heel, then they are considered as dress shoes.
  • Ballet flats – these are a fashion trend. These shoes are flat shoes with a rounded up toe. They are available in different kinds of styles and colors. The classic ballet shoe has a style add on of a small bow on the toe area, but nowadays this usage of the bow has become obsolete.
  • Sandals – Sandals are usually the casual type of shoes worn, but sometimes a few sandals also make their way to the dress shoe category.
	 Serene Womens Leather Cowhide Casual Lace Up Flat Driving Shoes Boat Slip-On Loafers (7.5B(M)US, Black)

Why Choose a Special Type of Shoe?

The people out there who suffer from this painful flat feet and over pronation have a very tough time finding themselves a perfect shoe. A perfect shoe is referred to as one which fits them very much comfortable as well as provide them the full support they need to stay out of pain.

The main problem of flat feet is that the feet take on an enormous amount of stress when the person is on the go. This creates a huge problem in finding the correct pair of shoes which can be supportive to the ankle as well as the feet and also provide the desired comfort and safety to the flat feet individuals.

Kunsto Men's Leather Brogue Oxford Dress Shoes Lace Up US Size 9.5 Black

How to Choose the Best Dress Shoes for Flat Feet?

If the right shoes are not worn, the flat footed people will face pain and discomfort. Nowadays, there are a lot of shoes – a wide range of variety of shoes are available on the market. Just because the shoes are made only for the flat footed person, the people need not worry because these shoes too have excellent styles and are very much attractive.

This review on choosing the best dress shoe for the flat feet might help you find the best pair of shoes for those seeking them for special or formal occasions. They are available for office purposes, outing purposes and much more.

A lot of suggestions will also be given in this article, which would probably end your search for finding the perfect pair of shoes for you.

A lot of research has been done to make the most comfortable shoes for the flat-footed persons for any given situation. Nowadays, still, research is going on to find newer and modern ways of making these shoes.

Just because the person is suffering from flat foot, which does not indicate that the style quotient is out of the question. The modern footwear which is designed for the flat-footed persons are not only stylish but are very much comfortable, versatile and they are made up of splendid quality materials.

So let us go through some of the products to be given below. You may find your perfect dress shoe here, so keep a watch.

Top 5 Best Dress Shoes for Flat Feet​

1. Drew Shoe Women’s Bloom II

Drew Shoe Women's Bloom II Mary Jane,Black Leather/Stretch,10 N US

This product brand is of 135-year-old. Drew shoe has mastered the science related to therapeutic comfort footwear. The total collection of shoes of this brand is an inventive combination of function and style. They keep the feet healthy and as well as it looks great. It is made up of the ultimate comfort materials. It even protects the most tired, aching feet.

It is a smart shoe which is comfortable enough to wear all throughout the day in the office. It reduces the pain of the feet of the flat footed individuals.

The upper portion of the shoe is made from nubuck which provides flexibility and comfort. The upper part will not rub against the top of your feet.

The soles are man-made and provide as much protection as possible when walking. The shoes have a slight heel. There is a well-cushioned footbed.

Let us have a look at the pros and cons:

We Like

  • ​The shoe is easy to wear, thus very much comfortable.
  • ​It reduces foot pain and provides a superb traction.
  • ​The product does not face any fitting issues because the fit can be customized.
  • It has a synthetic sole, accommodates orthotics and consists of removable, comfortable soft footbeds.

We Don't Like

  • ​The soles can break sometimes.
  • ​The material of the sole sometimes crumbles on heavy usage.
  • ​The shoe is very much wide.
  • It lacks leather at the shoe tip.

2. Oasis Women’s Mary Jane Shoes

Oasis Women's Mary Jane Shoes

This shoe is very light weight, and this is also sometimes prescribed or recommended to the people suffering from diabetes or foot problems. Its foot is removable, and personal orthotic can be inserted.

The shoe is very much durable, and its grip is very firm. It resists slips and even absorbs shock so as to let the person enjoy a smoother and steadier walk. They are made of latex, and the cushion insole supports the arches and also keeps the condition of maintaining feet alignment correctly.

The shoe is lined with a special type of lining – a trek-dry vamp lining which has antimicrobial properties which halt the growth of bacteria. The lining also prevents irritation because of it being treated with a special coating thus being a plus point for sensitive skin.

The outsole provides maximum traction.

Let us have a look at the pros and cons:

We Like

  • ​The shoe has a Velcro attached to it.
  • ​A special type of lining is present to prevent bacterial growth
  • ​Antibacterial silver ions coating to prevent irritation is also present.
  • ​It has shock absorbing properties.
  • The midsole is made up of ethylene propylene rubber.

We Don't Like

  • ​The shoe is too wide.
  • ​People sometimes face sizing problems with this shoe.
  • More cushioning would have been preferable.

3. Merrell’s Men’s Jungle Leather Slip-on Shoe

Merrell Men's Jungle Moc Leather Slip-On Shoe,Midnight Slip-On Shoe,11 M US

These shoes are comfortable and stylish as well as ideal for fittings. It has an ultra-comfortable design which gives the maximum traction. This is a versatile shoe, which can be worn to work, as well as it can be worn while taking part actively in outdoor activities.

In other words, you are getting an affordable footwear of the best quality. There are no laces and methods of fastening the shoe, and one can simply slip it in.

The upper material ensures that the shoes are waterproof and the elasticated panels keep the feet comfortable. It also provides support to the back of the ankle.

Pros and Cons:

Let us have a look at the pros and cons:

We Like

  • ​The shoe can be entirely made of leather and has a synthetic sole.
  • ​It is a slip-on type shoe; thus there is no hassle while wearing, so there is no need of fastening.
  • ​The collar is lightly padded and is very much comfortable.
  • It is waterproof.

We Don't Like

  • ​The finishing is not very good.
  • ​Its arch support is somewhat weak.
  • It is very much rough; which makes it noisy.

4. Bostonian Men’s Mendon Dress Slip-on

Bostonian Men's Mendon Dress Slip-On,Black Leather,10 M US

You would feel extra relaxed when you will wear this shoe. This is a loafer type of shoe which has a smooth, entirely grain leather upper and a gently squared toe portion.

The elastic goring presents easy wearing of the shoe. It has a lightly padded collar, as well as a cushioned footbed. It has a flexible, and durable sole along with a light weighted shock absorber and traction.

This is a versatile shoe that you can wear with almost anything starting from extremely formal attire to extremely casual environment. The elasticized goring provides a flexible fit and a supremely comfortable style.

The upper part is made of high quality and durable full grain leather which ensures not only the durability but also makes it waterproof.

The foot bed of the shoes has a cushioned insole which is very much supportive and along with that it keeps the feet in correct alignment.

Pros and Cons:

Let us have a look at the pros and cons:

We Like

  • ​The product is waterproof.
  • ​The shoe is easy to wear, has padded collar and very much comfortable.
  • ​It is made of high quality and durable leather.
  • It is made of synthetic sole.

We Don't Like

  • ​The middle leather gets folded too soon creating creases.

5. ECCO Men’s Windsor Toe Oxford

ECCO Men's Windsor Tie Oxford,Black,44 EU (US Men's 10-10.5 M)

This shoe gives you a rather sophisticated look. It is made of luxurious leather. It has five eyelet closure as well as a moc toe stitching. The leather lining results in great comfort. The outsole absorbs shock, thus increasing cushioning. This shoe is a mixture of innovative elegance and comfort.

This shoe has breathable leather linings, a moisture-absorbing sole plus a lightly padded collar for additional comfort.

The oxford dress shoes are already known to be great shoes for their durability. They are lace up shoes. This is a fully formal shoe to be worn to important meetings and business deals or go to significant places, restaurants, etc.

The soft cushioned insoles give support to the arch thus making your feet stress free as much as possible.

Let us have a look at the pros and cons:

We Like

  • ​The shoe is made up of high-quality leather with a rubber sole.
  • ​There is a shock point in the heel.
  • The insole absorbs the moisture thus eliminating foot odor.

We Don't Like

  • ​Sometimes fitting problems are faced.
  • ​These shoes are a little bit overpriced.


Now, we are at a point where you have found almost all you need to know about the best dress shoes for the flat feet individuals.

Out of the five options given above the best dress shoe for flat feet is ECCO Men’s Windsor Tie Oxford. This is because first of all it has a sophisticated look absorbs shock and also absorbs moisture to eliminate the odor. Last but not the least, Oxford shoes are the best when their quality and durability both taken into consideration.

All the information and review present here will be definitely of some help.

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