Best Basketball Socks For Better Comfort – Buyer’s Guide of 2017

Imagine stepping out of the house without shoes. Or worse, playing basketball without basketball shoes. Not such a great idea, right? So this is how your basketball shoes would feel without the right kind of socks, only if they were human.

But they’re not, so what’s the point? Well, it’s pretty simple. The best basketball socks are manufactured for your benefit. Because nobody likes sore feet or being uncomfortable during and after a game.

So keeping this in mind, let’s take a look at the seven best options for your precious feet and basketball shoes.

Quick Comparison: Top 7 Best Basketball Socks

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best basketball socks


The Best Basketball Socks: 7 Top Choices

This does seem a tad unusual, doesn’t it? Who would have thought that there are such comprehensive articles about the basketball socks! Well, that’s how important they are. And to be honest, they matter more than you can imagine.

Shoes without socks are never a good idea. When was the last time you didn’t spot a pair of socks on a professional basketball player? Never, right? So let’s begin!

1. Thorlo Basketball Over Calf Sock – The Best Basketball Socks for Sweaty Feet

Thorlo Men's Basketball Over Calf, White, Large

You know what the best part about the Thorlo Basketball Over Calf Sock is? It’s their moisture wicking capacity. Such a quality helps in keeping the feet warm and dry at all times. And we all know how beneficial that can be during gameplay.

Basketball requires us to perform all kinds of tricky moves, right? So at such times, the more cushioning our feet have, the more comfortable the experience becomes. And this comfort comes in the form of extended padding in the heel region.

The Thorlo Basketball Socks are lightweight and not at all difficult to wash. The only problem with them is the length. The brand states over calf but that’s not the case for some people. It can be slightly shorter than expected.

We Like

  • Dense padding in the heel and ball areas provides shock absorption.
  • Extended padding in the toes also offers protection against quick movements.

We Don't Like

  • The socks might not end above your calf.

Basketball Why Thorlos

2. Nike Men’s Elite Basketball Crew Socks – The Best High-Quality Basketball Socks

	 NIKE Men's Elite Basketball Crew Socks - Medium, Navy/White

Sportswear brand Nike has never failed to surprise us with its fantastic products, however big or small. This includes basketball socks, doesn’t it? And the Nike Men’s Elite Basketball Crew Socks are proof of that.

The most impressive aspect of these socks is their tailored fit. You will not have to deal with any unnecessary bunching around your toes. On top of that, the added cushioning in the most vulnerable spots goes a long way in providing support and comfort.

And since we’re talking about support, you will be glad to know that the Nike Men’s Elite Basketball Crew Socks offer tons of that in the arch region. This helps in keeping your feet comfortable throughout the entire game, even for longer hours.

It’s the durable material that adds high-quality to the whole experience. But it’s the bulky shape of the socks that might cause some inconvenience. So it’s better to try them on with your basketball shoes before buying them.

We Like

  • The fabric has excellent moisture wicking properties.
  • ​They are high-performance socks specifically created for basketball.
  • The multi-density padding absorbs maximum shock.

We Don't Like

  • Despite being bulky, they are smaller in size.

Nike Basketball: Bring Your Game

3. Baseline 2.0 Athletic Crew Socks – The Most Attractive Looking Basketball Socks

Baseline 2.0 Athletic Crew Socks (Black/Orange, Large)

Regarding physical appearance, there’s nothing better than the Baseline 2.0 Athletic Crew Socks. The vibrant colors of the socks are hard to find on the market, which makes them even more unique.

Apart from that, you might love the abundant and comfortable ergonomic cushioning of the socks. The moisture and odor control capacities strike the perfect balance between style and functionality. It’s important that your socks have anti-microbial characteristics. It’s what helps in providing complete foot protection. (How to avoid common basketball injuries)

These are the many features that you will truly appreciate. So it might come as a surprise to you when you find out that the Baseline 2.0 Athletic Crew Socks are susceptible to ripping. But this happens only when you don’t handle them with care.

We Like

  • The cushioning of the socks helps in preventing the formation of blisters.
  • The mesh material adds sufficient breathability.

We Don't Like

  • They rip easily.

4. NBA Logoman Quarter Length Sock – The Best Affordable Basketball Socks

NBA Logoman Quarter Length Sock - White - White Extra Large

Despite having a lower price tag, the NBA Logoman Quarter Length Sock offers maximum durability. The socks tend to last for a longer time, unlike some that deteriorate quite easily. So this combination of affordability and durability does sound pretty impressive, doesn’t it?

Now let’s talk about the material and comfort level of the sock. It has a mixture of nylon, cotton, and acrylic. Such a valuable blend is responsible for providing stretchy comfort and superior softness.

And here’s the best part; the NBA logo. This just makes the socks and your whole attire look professional (some of the best signature moves in NBA history). What’s not to like about the NBA Logoman Quarter Length Sock is its low quality. So if you’re willing to trade that for affordability, then this might be an ideal choice for you.

We Like

  • The socks allow you to play for longer hours with minimum fatigue.
  • Optimal thickness with a perfect fit.

We Don't Like

  • Not constructed with high-quality fabrics.

5. Adidas Team Speed Crew Sock – The Most Innovative Socks for Basketball

adidas Team Speed Traxion Crew Socks, Black/White/Aluminum 2, Large

You will be quite taken aback by not just the high quality but the innovative features of the Adidas Team Speed Crew Socks as well. They come with Climalite technology. What this does is help in keeping your feet dry and fresh even during prolonged basketball games.

Another great feature is the anatomical shape of the socks. This goes a long way in delivering natural movements, which means superior comfort. On top of that, all the high-impact regions have exceptional cushioning to support your feet in the best possible manner.

The only gripe with these socks is that they have a thin material construction. This tends to make them look worn out.

We Like

  • The ClimaLite fabric has an excellent sweat absorbent capacity.
  • The ankle, toe, and heel areas are well cushioned.

We Don't Like

  • Not thick enough.
  • They are highly prone to ripping easily.

Basketball Needs Creators, feat. James Harden - Adidas

6. Nike Cotton Cushion Crew Socks – The Best Crew Length Basketball Socks

	 Nike Cotton Cushion Crew Socks - Medium (Men's Size 6-8) - Black (Pack of 3)

Crew cut basketball socks are considered to be the best on the market. How many professional players have you seen sporting this kind of length? Too many, right? This is the reason why the Nike Cotton Cushion Crew Socks might be the perfect option for you.

They have a classy white design that offers a good contrast to your basketball attire. Built with a combination of elastane, nylon, and cotton, these socks deliver the most comfortable feel. In fact, the stretch cotton has exceptional moisture wicking properties.

The socks are optimally cushioned in all the right places to prevent the formation of blisters. This also helps in providing impact absorption during intense basketball games.

The only part that’s slightly disappointing is the narrow design of the socks. But this might only pose a problem to players with wide feet.

We Like

  • The top elastic bands offer a better fit.
  • The material is breathable enough to keep the feet warm and dry.

We Don't Like

  • The cushioning of the socks tends to wear out quickly.
  • They are a tad too narrow.

7. Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Crew Socks – The Best Basketball Socks with Added Compression

	 Under Armour Men's HeatGear Crew Socks (3 Pair), Black, Large

The Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Crew Socks are an ideal choice for those who require additional comfort and support. Thanks to the extra compression installed in the socks. They have an elastane, cotton, and polyester blend. This means maximum stretch and durability along with breathability as well.

The toe and heel areas have thick cushioning to provide a secure lockdown inside the shoes. Such a characteristic is beneficial for players with narrow feet.

You might also love the compression band in the midfoot region. This is useful for supporting the arch and avoiding foot fatigue.

It’s the break-in period of the socks that causes a certain amount of discomfort. They are a tad too tight, so they take some time to loosen up and offer a comfortable fit.

We Like

  • Suitable for daily wear and easy to wash.
  • The compression in the calf and ankle delivers additional comfort.

We Don't Like

  • Too tight to pull up easily.

Under Armour Basketball: Are You From HERE?

The Definitive Guide of the Best Basketball Socks

best basketball socks

Everybody goes through at least a dozen articles before buying the best basketball shoes. Yes, we’re talking about shoes and not socks. We, ourselves, have written several articles on this particular topic.

Now imagine pairing up those high-performing shoes with thin, cheap, or low-quality socks. If your shoes could talk, they would have the meanest things to say to you for making them look so bad on the basketball court. (Basketball movement tactics to outsmart your opponent)

So what we’re going to do in this section is discuss all the important factors that you need to take into account. Surprisingly enough, there are a few important features that make up for a good pair of socks. Time to find out what they are!

Material of Basketball Socks

When it comes to performance socks, you get a variety of options like elastane (spandex), nylon, polyester, and cotton. The thing about cotton socks is that they tend to absorb sweat pretty quickly, but they don’t dry at the same rate.

While synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon have excellent moisture wicking capacities. They are also great at retaining their shape for a longer time, which adds durability to the whole experience.

And as far as elastane is concerned, you don’t need to worry about the fit of the socks. Elastane socks are stretchy enough. This particular characteristic provides maximum comfort to the feet.

Thickness of Basketball Socks

Basketball socks are not like everyday socks, right? This means more thickness. A thicker pair of socks also offers a better, more snug fit. This helps in preventing your feet from sliding inside your shoes and avoiding the formation of blisters.

But this does not apply to players with wide feet. Wearing thick socks might prove to be extremely uncomfortable when putting on or removing the shoes. So it’s better to opt for thinner ones if your feet are larger than normal.

Length of Basketball Socks

best basketball socks


Do you remember the long tube socks that reach the knees? We’ve seen many basketball players flaunting that style back in the days. These are now replaced by compression pants, aren’t they?

So the length options available currently are mid-shin, low-cut, and above the ankle. The basketball socks in the news today are mostly mid-shin in length. They are the crew cut versions with added compression. The best part about them is that you can wear these socks with ankle braces without having to deal with any unnecessary friction.

Arch Support and Cushioning in Basketball Socks

Some of the best socks for basketball come with extra cushioning. This exists in the forefoot and heel areas of the socks. And what the cushioning does is offer maximum comfort while preventing the formation of blisters. You will also be glad to know that these types of socks help in providing a secure lockdown inside your shoes.

Now let’s talk about arch support. This comes in the form of compression bands. Such a feature lies in the arch or midfoot region. And it is extremely helpful to those who suffer from plantar fasciitis or arch pain.

Useful Tips for Buying the Best Basketball Socks

  • When purchasing socks, it is important to keep the fit in mind. Many brands offer all types of sizes, so please make sure that you go through the sizing chart before selecting your size. Otherwise, the comfort factor gets compromised.
  • Basketball games can get intense at times, stretching for longer hours. To tackle such situations, you need to buy a pair of socks built with sufficient cushioning. This form of cushioning is added to all the vulnerable spots to offer high levels of protection as well as comfort.
  • And last, but not the least, is the fabric. As we’ve already discussed above, you should opt for fabric that has an excellent moisture wicking capacity. Plus, the material needs to be thick enough to last for a longer time.

The Foot Note

Playing the game for hours can take a toll on your feet, right? So it’s better to put on the best gear to protect them from blisters, fatigue, and other injuries. This is why you need the best basketball socks like the Nike Men’s Elite Basketball Crew Socks. They are considered to be the top choice for many reasons.

For one, the Nike Men’s Elite Basketball Crew Socks come with thick density cushioning. What this padding does is provide maximum shock absorption during gameplay. Secondly, the Dri-FIT material of the socks helps in wicking away moisture to keep your feet cool at all times.

Plus, the reinforced toe and heel go a long way in adding more durability to the whole experience. You might also appreciate the midfoot compression. Such a feature does an excellent job at keeping the cushioning and socks in place.

To make things even better, Nike designed them with an anatomical shape. So you get a comfortable and customized fit. Now you know why these socks have been the #1 choice for many professional basketball players on the field.

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